The Minister of the Cabinet Commissioner, however, suggests a sensitive question as to whether the teachers’ assessments should be moderated and who is still undecided

Michael Gove has proposed using teacher assessment for GCSE and A-level students this year after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last night that the exams would not take place “as usual”

The Cabinet Minister and Former Education Minister confirmed this morning that the exams had been canceled and suggested that alternative arrangements for the summer could include teacher assessment

But Mr Gove pointed to the “sensitive” question of whether the teachers’ assessments should be moderated – last year this was Ofqual’s controversial algorithm – and who was undecided by

Meanwhile, the leaders are not convinced that all exams will be canceled, and the Conservative Chair of the Commons Education Select Committee believes those in core courses could survive

When asked on BBC radio’s Today program if he could clarify that the exams would not take place, Mr. Gove said, “Yeah, I know how hard students across the country worked in years 11 and 13.” p>

“We will take alternative arrangements to ensure that the hard work students have done to acquire knowledge and develop their skills is adequately assessed, recognized and recognized,” he added

When asked if this involved some type of test or a full switch to teacher assessments, Mr. Gove said, “Well the Education Secretary is speaking to Ofqual Examination Board to make sure we can have the best, most effective type of investment

“We have pointed out earlier that children, who often suffer from the most deprived circumstances, have suffered the most from classroom disruption and that we want to make sure that the method of assessment we have is that as fair as possible, taking into account the impact of the disruption “

The moderator said, “It sounds like there might be some form of testing?”
Mr. others are a delicate process

“As we know from last year, it is important to ensure that we have a fair system, and this requires that we have adequate methods of assessing the knowledge and skills the children have acquired”

Robert Halfon, Chair of the Commons Education Select Committee, said, “I understand that tomorrow will be announced what will happen to exams and it looks like we will either move to some sort of center assessed grades or there is the possibility of taking exams in the core subjects of mathematics and English “

Commenting on the fact that ministers had previously insisted that exams take place, the MP added: “Again, parents, teachers, support staff and children were marched to the top of the hill and then again and enormously marched down pressure was exerted on them “

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said he thought the exams would still take place

He told BBC Breakfast, “I think what will happen with the Prime Minister’s announcement is that people have heard what people wanted to hear

“I’ve heard that it wouldn’t be fair to continue with the current arrangements

“I’m sure that gave some leeway to say that maybe not all exams could go, that would be unthinkable, but maybe the exams could be changed””

In a statement on social media, Exam Regulator Ofqual said, “We know how difficult this must be for students, teachers and faculty We want to avoid at all costs making arrangements for this summer’s GCSEs, A-Levels and VTQs be taken, which add further disadvantage to the students

“We are considering a number of options to get the fairest result possible in the circumstances. We will update as soon as possible”

“We know how difficult this has to be for students, teachers and faculty. We want at all costs to avoid making provisions for this summer’s GCSEs, A-Levels and VTQs, which will add further disadvantage to students 1/2.”

“We’re considering a number of options to get the fairest result possible in the circumstances. We’ll update as soon as possible 2/2

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