Christmas 1990 was Freddie’s last.His strength began to wane and he was noticeably thinner, but the star was determined to celebrate as usual.He always opened his doors to everyone who had nowhere else to go during the holidays, and was more pleased than anything else about gifts. He never had children of his own, but was enthusiastic about his friends He was the godfather of Mary’s eldest son Richard as well as the third son of his friend (and Queen producer) Reinhold Mack, Freddie, who was named after him

A heartwarming home video shows Freddie in a festive bright red top playing with young Richard The house is decorated for Christmas and presents are stacked

The star crouches behind the toddler who is standing on the sofa and looking into the video camera, repeatedly out of the picture

Some viewers have suggested that Freddie was trying not to be seen because he was aware he was starting to look sick, but there is actually a much cuter explanation out there

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The video is an exceptional opportunity to keep Freddie away from the superstar glamor of his public role

You can hear his voice teasing the toddler all the time, and it seems he was also playing peekaboo while supporting a large fluffy white teddy bear to keep the boy entertained

He appears a few times, smiles, and looks happy and peaceful among those he has loved and trusted most

And the moment the toddler spins and falls backwards onto Freddie and into his arms is absolutely gorgeous

According to people around him, Freddie actually named the baby Richard and taught him his first words, which appeared to be “tractor” and “guitar”. Later in the video, Mary is seen picking up her son and riding him on her shoulders

The video is evidence of the tremendous love Freddie had around him in his life, and how close he and Mary have remained over the years

After Freddie died, his bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor beat up the press for portraying their boyfriend as lonely and unloved in his final years when the opposite was clearly the case

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Mary and Freddie officially split in 1976, but stayed incredibly close for the next 15 years

She has been by his side throughout his last few years – along with Freddie’s partner Jim Hutton, the star’s ex-boyfriend Joe Fanelli, and PA Peter Freestone, all of whom lived in the star’s Kensington One Garden Lodge

Everyone teamed up to bring Freddie the best Christmas in 1990, but the star herself always went out of her way to make everyone else happy

Freddie’s friend and PA Peter Freestone said; “Freddie loved Christmas because it gave him an excuse to buy presents for everyone. He was the kindest, most generous friend anyone could ask for”

Ballet star Wayne Sleep added, “Freddie always thought of his friends and how to bring them joy. Freddie loved the festival I think he wants it to be Christmas every day. In a way, it was like that”

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