Fred Sirieix and Nadiya Hussain are seen in the legendary Harrogate tea room

trying some fat rascals and scones

Betty’s in Harrogate will be featured in today’s episode of Remarkable Places to Eat on BBC Two

TV food icons Fred Sirieix and Nadiya Hussain will try fat rascals and other delicacies in the famous Harrogate tea room

The couple also get a special behind-the-scenes look at Betty’s own Craft Bakery

In a preview trailer for the episode, Fred can be seen describing fat rascals as a “revelation”

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The host of the first date is also shown, much to Nadiya’s horror, dipping a jam and cream scone into a cup of tea before eating it

Today’s episode of Remarkable Places to Eat focuses on the best foodie finds in Yorkshire

In addition to visiting Betty’s, Nadiya takes Fred to try a variety of Wensleydale cheeses and flavorful 60 pence samosas

The former Great British Bake Off winner was living in Leeds with her family at the time her series was filmed So she’s the perfect person to indulge Fred in all things Yorkshire cuisine

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Ruth Burke-Kennedy, Public Relations Manager at Bettys, said: “We are very excited to be part of this brilliant program

“It’s not just a look behind the scenes at Bettys, but also shows the region and its excellent cuisine in a brilliant way”

Betty’s Harrogate

World News – UK – Fred and Nadiya visit Harrogate’s legendary Bettys on BBC Two tonight