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More areas are moving to Tier 4 to limit the spread of the virus as fall rates rise across the country

After carefully checking the latest data, the following local authorities will be converted to level 4: From the beginning of Thursday, December 31st December 2020, stay at home:

The following local authorities will be from the beginning of Thursday, 31 December 2020, changed to level 3: Very high:

Between the 18th and 24 December became the weekly fall rate in England rose to 4026 per 100000, a 32% increase from the previous week. The NHS reports that last week 14915 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized, an 18% increase from the previous week

There is evidence that the new strain of COVID-19 is increasing in the Southwest, Midlands and parts of the Northwest The majority of cases identified in London, the South East and East of England are of the new variant Infection rates are has grown faster than expected in those areas where the new strain has circulated, and stronger measures are needed to get the virus under control

Rates in the East Midlands have risen to 2561 per 100000, up 17% from the previous week Prices in the West Midlands rose to 2735 per 100000, a 23% increase from the previous week in the Northwest, rates have increased 31% to 2239 per 100000 In the Southwest, the number of cases has increased 37% to 1751 cases per 100000 While rates may be lower in the Southwest than in other areas, the data shows a sharp upward trend

Winter is always the toughest time of year for the NHS An increase in COVID-19 infections is followed by an increase in hospital admissions and, after a delay, an increase in deaths.It is important that everyone does their part to comply with regional restrictions in their area to fight infection, save lives and ease the pressure on the NHS this winter

All clinically extremely vulnerable people are asked to protect themselves if they live in Tier 4 areas.People will receive a letter or email with advice and details on how to help, in the meantime, they should follow shielding advice from GOVUnited Kingdom

Tier 3 and 4 areas will continue to be prioritized for community testing, with more than 100 local authorities signing the expanded test support program

All available data has been assessed by the government, including the Secretary for Health and Welfare, NHS Test and Trace, including the Joint Biosecurity Center (JBC), Public Health England (PHE), the Chief Medical Officer and the Cabinet Office Data evaluated includes how fast case rates are rising or falling, cases in those over 60, pressures on the NHS, and local circumstances

The government uses a number of indicators to decide which level applies in each area, including:

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World News – GB – Formal Tiering Review Update: Dec. December 2020

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