Residents raise safety concerns as City Council urges Canal and River Trust to repair a broken fence near the canal in Linslade

The town received a name check from former actor Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, who said his mention will cause him to lose Twitter followers – not that he has to deal too much with 5.7 million fans on the social Media page

He tweeted, “Someone who understands social media tells me that 70% of my twits are in North America and some get upset when I tweet about cricket, the UK press or Leighton Buzzard, and they punish me by you do not follow me! I want to say “Bye!” To these boring plebs.

say goodbye

It’s unclear what prompted Mr Cleese to include Leighton Buzzard in his tweet, but it sparked an avalanche of comments

@Amy Gravino said, “Leighton Buzzard sounds like the owner of a competing hotel in Fawlty Towers who only hates Basil because they are way too alike, but neither of them can see it.”

@ChrisKnightfilm said: “I don’t understand the UK Press (and they don’t understand!) Or cricket or whatever a Leighton Buzzard is (please tell me I won’t swear when I say this) but I’ll defend your right to tweet about them sir ! “

@ ChrisDavidge22 said, “What the hell do our American cousins ​​have against Leighton Buzzard? Or are they just parochial again? “

@ toffeeman1971 said: “For those of you who don’t know, Leighton Buzzard was a wicket keeper in cricket (like a baseball catcher) but was also known for selling Hungarian language books that weren’t properly translated into English were and were hanged under the Obscenity Act 1956 ”

The LBO turned to Leighton Buzzard and the Archaeological and Historical Society of the district

about the origin of the city name

A spokesman said place names often come from Landadel, who owned the mansion, In Leighton Buzzard’s case: “Leighton was spelled in several different ways, but it probably comes from the Saxon Leah, which means field or meadow or Leacton, a vegetable garden There are many variations in the spelling of Leighton across the country

“The buzzard bit is safer in the 13th In the 17th century there were two Leightons in the Diocese of Lincoln, one in Huntingdonshire and our own.The church owned the center of Leighton and the diocese had to distinguish between the two places.The name Busard first appears in a document from 1242 as a French named Theobald de Bosat or Busar was a canon of Lincoln Cathedral who also lived in our Leighton for some time.The scribes in Lincoln called the town of Leighton Busar to distinguish it from Leighton Bromswold in Huntingdonshire By 1526, Busar had evidently been corrupted to Buzzard the locals fail to master the French pronunciation ”

John Cleese

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