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Former Liverpool star Charlie Adam has joined talkSPORT to commemorate his old boss and Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish, who turned 70 on Thursday Birthday celebrated

And he informed the station that he had received a surprising call from the Reds icon a few weeks ago Dalglish called the midfielder out of the blue after learning of his recent personal problems

The football world pays tribute to the great Dalglish from Liverpool and Scotland at the age of 70 and reflects his remarkable career as a player and manager

And it is clear that he holds a special place in many hearts, not only for what he achieved in the square and in the shelter, but also for how he touched their hearts as a thoroughly decent man who really care about people

Dalglish was a great footballer but won as many followers for his off-field behavior as for his on-field performance, particularly for his response to the Hillsborough tragedy and his support for the victims’ families

And Adam revealed how Dalglish still goes the extra mile for people connected to the Merseyside club despite the long time since they last put on the famous red shirt

“It’s not just his ability as a player or his man management as a coach, I think it’s not the game where you realize how special he is,” said the former Redman on Thursday at the talkSPORT Breakfast

“I hadn’t heard from Kenny in eight or nine years I’d seen him on golf days and things like that, but I never spoke to him for long

“I had a couple of issues off the field when my mother recently passed away Two weeks ago I had a missed call from someone There was no number I had no idea who it was”

“So I got his number and talked to him for 20 minutes, just asking about life and how everyone is doing, my family

“Just to take this time out only shows who he is. When he actually calls you himself, when one day he thinks about what you are going through in life, he is just a special man

“He’s just amazing. To do what he did after the Hillsborough disaster, he’s still an icon on the football club, not just for fans but for the players, both now and in past ones Generations He still looks after them and finds time to talk to them

“He’s probably been through his own problems and health issues himself, but he was in great shape on the phone. I asked how he was doing and he said,” Well the doctor didn’t call me so I don’t have to To worry”That’s the way he is

“I looked back and saw every picture I had of him He always smiled, laughed, joked and that’s his character

“He had a bad sense of humor, he could shoot you down on a line, but he always seems to be in a good mood and they’re the kind of people you want to be with”

Adam also revealed his first personal experiences with “The King” and how it immediately became clear why he is not only considered one of the great players in the game, but also one of its best masters

“The first time I got the call from Kenny it was pretty humble,” added the Scot, who was signed by Dalglish of Blackpool in 2011 and spent a season at Anfield where he won the League Cup. p>

“He’s every father’s hero, and obviously he was my father’s hero, and when I got the opportunity to speak to him and be invited to his house

“That was the biggest thing for me. He invited me over to his house to talk to him about signing for Liverpool and it was an amazing opportunity because he was so relaxed

“For what he has achieved as a manager, but also as a player, he is king, he is the cream of the cake in Scotland, he is probably the greatest player we have ever had and in which we are should In his company I was in awe of him

“I’ve had great times at the club and it was great for me to sign for him”

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