The former operator of a theme park was fined 1 million GBP is charged after a girl dies on a trip, but the fine is never paid as it is in the administration

Evha Jannath, 11, was on the Splash Canyon rapids ride at Drayton Manor during a school trip in May 2017 when she was “propelled” into the water

Evha, who could not swim, fell off the boat in the park in Tamworth, Staffordshire when it hit a barrier

During a trial Thursday in Stafford Crown Court, Justice Spencer said, “This has been an extremely tragic waste of a young life”

He added that there was “no prospect of payment of the fine” as the company running the park at the time had now gone into administration

The park was sold to the Looping Group, which operates attractions in Europe and the UK, including West Midland Safari Park and Pleasurewood Hills

“It is important that lessons are learned and that the severity of the defendant company’s failure in this case is characterized by adequate punishment,” said Justice Spencer

Drayton Manor Park Ltd previously admitted violating Section 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) initiated law enforcement

The park had a history of mistakes on the same drive prior to the death of Evha from Leicester, the court was informed during the two-day hearing

At the beginning of the hearing on Wednesday, James Puzey, attorney for HSE, told the judge that the accident happened “in connection with the systemic safety defects on this journey”

Between 2011 and 2013, there were four cases, according to park records, of people falling into the water while driving before it closed after Evha’s death

One of the incidents was in 2013 when 10-year-old Patrick Treacy fell into the Splash Canyon attraction and had to be rescued by a member of the public

Evha, who was on a school trip with the Jameah Girls Academy at the end of the year, was unsupervised on the journey and at times got up with other students

Mr Justice Spencer said: “The public and Evha’s family must not be led to believe that this serious crime, which has resulted in the death of a child, can only be punishable by a nominal [financial] penalty

“In my opinion it would be totally inappropriate to do anything other than impose the fine the offense deserves,” he added

“No judgment of the court can reflect the tragedy of this case for Evha’s family”

Statements about the effects of Evha’s father and brother on the victims were not read to the court, but Mr. Puzey spoke of the “devastating effects” on Evha’s family

“She was a bright and promising student who talked about wanting to be a teacher herself,” he said

Former Leicester East MP Keith Vaz, who supported Evha’s family, said they went through “torture” and “lessons have to be learned”

“Nobody has lost their job as a result, the company will not pay this fine, nobody has declared they are responsible, but it remains a hole in the heart of the family,” he added

After the hearing, HSE Chief Inspector Lyn Spooner said Evha “died at the end of a day that was supposed to be fun”

Ms. Spooner added, “The risks of being ejected from the raft have been apparent to Drayton Manor for some time, but they still failed to take the measures that could have prevented Evha’s death”

Richard Matthews QC, representative for Drayton Manor Park Ltd, told the hearing that the park had fully cooperated with the HSE investigation and had received no previous convictions

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