More delay while Djenepo is being treated He looks a little desperate before being taken to the sidelines for more ice

Everton sends King in the second of three minutes of injury time after Richarlison Djenepo is injured after Calvert-Lewin landed his cleats on the ankle when they scored a header

Actually, it was more of a flap and it goes to Djenepo on the edge of the area. His half volley hits Holgate and steers over the six-yard box to Vestergaard, who slips when he shoots at the target and Pickford from a few meters Removal fends off a fine, vital parade

Pickford comes and doesn’t get the next corner, but Everton’s defense is keeping it for a goalkick

Southampton corner on the left while Everton plays the percentages. Forster Pickford still doesn’t claw it away

Excellent cover from Redmond to come back from left to right and stab a cut back before Richarlison could connect with his shot at Everton Corner, which took her short and fanny by the corner flag

What a chance! Armstrong comes in from the left, heads for the penalty area and plays a one-two with Tella as he moves further into the infield, staying one step ahead of his pursuers, sliding a pass for Djenepo, 15 yards away and at an angle of about 55 degrees, to the right Next to the penalty area He shoots in the farthest corner, but hits it too straight and the ball flashes past the post

The corner of the saints on the right – again well defended by Everton You have been very vigilant in defense and a little sleepy elsewhere tonight

Southampton free-kick after Allan pulled Armstrong’s arm to keep him from racing past Tella Fir received a yellow card for a foul on Digne that left Everton with an advantage but failed to thrive on Calvert -Lewin heads James Double-Banger’s free-kick chip into the mixer

Finally a booking for Armstrong’s foul on Calvert-Lewin The free kick, when it cokes after Nâ € ™ Lundulu replaces Adams, is sadly shocking final of third quality from both teams tonight

Ings and Redmond team up to form Keane and close the room on his release, forcing him to hit him back for a corner that Everton again does well defending

Ward-Prowse takes a corner that Adams deserves Everton wins the first ball and although the fleeting header falls on Redmond to the left of the penalty area, it quickly closes and sends his attempt at a Henryesque curler with his right foot in throwing the top corner, out of the game Correct height, not enough curve

Keane heads Ward-Prowse’s free kick to Tella, who shovels it back into the box, but Ings leaves the ball under his feet and was definitely offside

Djenepo with a fair bit of skill shows Digne the inside, then about to hit him in the country with a flicker and a feint before Digne plants his rivets in his ankle Bad, should have been a booking

Holgate wins a soft free kick on Everton’s right, Sigurdsson whips it two yards from the sideline and Vestergaard heads it behind him for a corner that Southampton again competently defends

The Southampton corner on the right, taken by Ward-Prowse and Salisu, climbs up to them and hits them about 10 yards away. He should at least have made it to the finish

Richarlison gasps again, like Lord Sutch when he was fouled 40 yards away.Sigurdsson and Digne line up but the cross is broken off to the end of the range where Keane hits it with a header that is so far out and such What is tame is that Forster can watch him dribble into touch without a touch of panic

Richarlison flies in a tackle with Djenepo and turns it into a meal. He deserves the free kick 10 yards into the Saint’s half, but Djenepo is rightly not booked. Sigurdsson sprays a diagonal to the left of the six-yard box, Keane, unmarked , heads her back and Calvert-Lewin is only a few inches away from him. The Saints crawl it away and Godfrey hooks his hasty effort past the right post

Richarlison bombs lower left, but his cross is pretty weak Vestergaard won’t risk it reaching Doucoure even though it doesn’t seem to have legs and is chopping it behind for a corner from which nothing happens

Still no real urgency from Southampton, who always use their goalkeeper when they are encountered halfway through a violent press

Salisu has a head injury after another challenge with Calvert-Lewin It’s not as bad as it looks at first, or Salisu made it look like he just put a fluttering but soft hand in his face, which wasn’t according to Martin Atkinson once a foul

Sigurdsson takes a free kick, hits the wall and goes into the next corner as well. Calampton-Lewin did no harm to Southampton before he reached the center of the area He is punished for attacking and pushing Forster

Ward-Prowse’s pass is picked up and Everton charges forward, sending Doucoure and DC-L through the middle.Calvert-Lewin picks it up, attacks right to left and fouls left of D, just like he had intended it when he encountered a herd of defense attorneys

No changes as Everton’s kick-off and after a foiled attack conceding a free kick halfway through, Southampton plays it back all the way to Forster, who plays it on the left

Everton are by far the most penetrating of the two teams with their long passes and airborne dominance, as well as the crossing and surrender of Digne and Sigurdsson, but Southampton struggled well and kept the game under control Ward-Prowse’s from a set piece situation as always, her best hope for a goal or assist

Andre Gomes is in quarterback mode and determines the pace Saints need a player who sits on him in the second half for two extra minutes

Ings feeds Adams, who goes down with Godfrey, the ball into the box. He asks the referee, who says emphatically “no,” and VAR confirms his decision

Everton is penned in by Saints until Andre Gomes breaks the press with a long diagonal to the left so Digne can hold onto the box and burst towards the box, Bednarek won’t let him get past Southampton and back with Redmond and Ings

Southampton must watch out for Sigurdsson and Digne’s cross between set pieces and open play. They are just as dangerous with their deliveries as Ward-Prowse

Sigurdsson was sidelined as he cut a pass for Calvert-Lewin. The flag came too late and a few seconds after C-L’s shot was blocked Don Goodman is not impressed with the linesman’s delay

Vestergaard punished for a kick / charge against Holgate Everton has a free kick in the same position that Keanes’ goal was disqualified from. This time they were trapped when Sigurdsson crossed a cross and Richarlison pounced on it to the right of the penalty spot and can’t reach it to distract it past Forster A header seemed like the better option

The possession stats confirm the Saints’ turnaround – they’ve had more than two-thirds since the goal. Everton tends to have phases of intensity rather than consistently high pace on defense and attack

Southampton have been the better side since it was only 1-0 Armstrong, Ward-Prowse and Bertrand work a triangle on the left and send Redmond through to cut the ball back, but Ings and Djenepo stand in each other’s way Djenepo was better placed , but Ings either didn’t hear him or refused to postpone

From the corner that goes deep, Southampton cut it back towards the six yard box where Salisu has a chance to turn around and shoot, but it’s a very slim chance and he’s a middle half He can’t power the shot

Holgate shoves Ings over as the number 9 tried to beat him down the line Ward-Prowse will take It’s on the left, parallel to the 18-yard line, with the set-piece prodigy whipping in a menacing manner , dipping flank near the post, and Calvert-Lewin decisively wins the header

Holgate was offside when he headed the ball back so Keane could nod off three meters away VAR is finally on Hasenhuttl’s side

Holgate takes an erratic pass, moves forward, and hits the deck, much to Redmond’s chagrin. The umpire rightly grants Everton a free kick for the trip

Everton wins everything in the air at the moment but now the Saints win a header halfway through and almost use Dignes’ embezzled back pass from 40 yards from Ings believes he can beat Pickford to the ball and almost does it but not quite The English goalkeeper runs out and puts his shoelaces through before Ings can get there

Ward-Prowse and Ings send the no 9 to the right and he pings over a cross that Keane cuts behind him

Sigurdsson whips it into the box, Richarlison does a near-post run and arrows a header to the left, and the goalkeeper is lightning fast down to turn him around the post neatly save, but it wasn’t necessary as the Flag Rises The high line of Saints and their discipline to keep them caught Everton

Everton tried a couple of long balls before it came out, using Andre Gomes’ reach to avoid midfield Salisu swings a leg against a bouncing ball and nearly beheads a bent Calvert-Lewin free kick right

Calvert-Lewin, undone by a long pass, climbs 10 meters outside the area and the ball bounces off his left shoulder as he struggles with Salisu, who believes he has been fouled. Sigurdsson pounces on the Sigurdsson loose ball and threads a pass over the inside left channel Richarlison is in as Flynn, Forster comes out and Richarlison fools him, then he rounds it down and drills a shot into the empty net

Bertrand wins a corner on the left, but the delivery is easy to turn off and DC-L clearly beheads her

Andre Gomes takes a Djenepo pass and moves it to Doucoure He lifts his head and reaches for a slider between Bednarek and Salisu, but the imposing Forster Fee-fi-fo-fum races off to dive for the ball, before Richarlison can pull the trigger

Everton plays it backwards and moves the ball to the left Southampton, which has not won here in 15 games, looks pretty sharp tonight and catches Calvert-Lewin offside at Everton right

Everton chokes the long ball and Redmond’s second thrust after picking up the scraps They switch from right to left again, but Everton’s pressure binds them in midfield

Saints start and attack the Gwladys.Both teams are in their home shirts, Southampton with their sash Redmond wins a throw-in on the left in the Everton half but the home team forces them to go all the way back to Forster, that starts it for a long time

Coming out of the teams Mason Holgate carried an iPad with the mascot on the screen

He says McCarthy didn’t have the momentum after the Leeds game and now it’s at Forster after conceding three Cups and in his only league game this season, Saints’ last win over Liverpool

ð ???? £ “We have a great opportunity tonight” Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti on improving his home team this season BildTwittercom / 9CC0C1K6r1

Everton Pickford, Holgate, Godfrey, Keane, Digne, Doucoure, Allan, Andre Gomes, Sigurdsson, Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin Deputy König, Iwobi, Nkounkou, Bernard, Virginia, Onyango, Broadhead, Astley, John

Southampton Forster, Salisu, Bednarek, Vestergaard, Bertrand, Djenepo, Armstrong, Ward-Prowse, Redmond, Adams, IngsErsatz McCarthy, Stephens, Tella, Ramsay, N’Lundulu, Ferry, Jankewitz, Watts, Chauke

ð ???? ¨ T E A M S H E E T ð ???? ¨The # SaintsFC side competes this evening against #EFC: BildTwittercom / CIjc2puXQ8

The team news is imminent as two clubs whose last league wins were both against Liverpool meet at Goodison Park The Saints haven’t won the league there since 1997 when Kevin Davies and Matt Le Tissier were the goalscorers, and although they played well against Chelsea, one feared for them without Oriel Romeu

Everton’s owner Farhad Moshiri celebrated his 5th anniversary as head of the club with the perfect gift – the most satisfying week of his reign

The Merseyside Derby win was followed by an even more significant triumph when the club of Liverpool’s planners approved the construction of the Bramley Moore Dock Stadium Long Term, which is the game changer that Everton has been after for over 20 years longs

When Moshiri was persuaded to strike a deal with Chairman Bill Kenwright in late February 2016, he didn’t set a schedule to bring the club back to the heights of the 1980s, but he freely admitted that progress was expected faster should and should be

Moshiri had to lay off four managers and invest an estimated £ 500million to get to a point where he may tentatively believe tangible rewards are within reach

A world-class coach is in place – Carlo Ancelotti says this week he hopes to renew his contract – while after so many false dawns, the vision of a new arena is sure to materialize this time around

The relationship between Ancelotti and Moshiri is clearly more trustworthy than those that came before the Italian’s appointment and neither of whom ever looked like they were ambitious

Ancelotti says he appreciates the support of a chairman who is in regular contact but maintains a respectful distance on football issues

“He’s the type of owner who wants to know about the team but doesn’t put any pressure on me,” said Ancelotti

â ???? I have a good relationship with him We talk a lot Of course we didn’t have a chance to meet during this pandemic, but we talk on the phone before and after the games He is really involved and wants to know what is going on here at Finch Farm He is very focused, very passionate and – at this moment – very happy

â ???? He really hopes that, as we said at the beginning of the season, we can get to our position so everything is fine at the momentâ ????

The immediate goal is European qualification But Everton face Southampton on Monday night and know if they can find consistency at home Champions League football is not beyond them

After consecutive seasons in which the club complained that they hadn’t made an impression against the “Big Six”, they had the opposite problem this season: They excelled in tougher games but lost against this lower half / P>

Ancelotti has spent the week reiterating to his players that they need to reach the level of intensity that has scored four out of six after recent trips to Old Trafford and Anfield

“When you play this type of game, a derby against Liverpool, a top team, it’s easier to find the focus and the motivation,” said Ancelotti

â ???? It’s harder to find the right focus and motivation in other games. We have to work on it. It’s not easy. We have to make an effort to be more focused and motivated. We have to do it

â ???? My players are intelligent. They understand we have to do better at home. We have the opportunity against Southampton and we don’t want to make the same mistakes

â ???? It (Southampton) has the same value (as Liverpool) It’s true the Derby is a special game but the points on the table are the same? three pointsâ ????

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl urges a change in the club’s transfer strategy after the 2021 Premier League season derailed after a spate of injuries

After the season was so strong and even topped the Premier League table for a short time in November, the club is 14th after seven wins and one draw in the last eight league games Fallen place before taking on Everton on Monday night

Southampton beat Everton earlier in the season but suffered another serious injury last week when key midfielder Oriol Romeu was disqualified with a broken ankle until the end of the season

That could mean another chance for Alex Jankewitz, who has served his three-game suspension after his debut against Manchester United

Hasenhuttl described the season as a “neverending story” after restarting the project last summer, saying that the club’s current policy of adding a relatively small group of first-team players with up-and-coming talent from the academy was not enough to secure a league leadership position a full season to fight

“It’s time to see realities” he said I really enjoy developing young players I really like pushing them to become Premier League players, but it’s not that easy a Premier League player has Something special You can’t turn every young player into a Premier League player

â ???? We have seen that now and we need to find the right changes for the future otherwise we will always end up in a situation where we have two or three good months to move up and then move up between 10 and 20 we want to be more successful this is only possible if we have a bigger squad and better players across the board. This is the goal for the future, otherwise you will never take a step forwardâ ????

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