Emma Willis has disclosed the reason for her short hair and admitted that she has suffered from postpartum hair loss after each of her three pregnancies

The 44-year-old television presenter was on Thursday the 28th January, guest at Loose Women and reported on her personal experiences during a discussion about side effects during pregnancy

The mother of three, known for her cute pixie cuts, announced that she doesn’t keep her hair short for fashion reasons, but because she lost a huge amount of hair after each of her children was born: Trixie , four, Ace, nine and Isabelle, 11

“I noticed that my hair was getting really thinner [what] I didn’t know how much hair you could lose after my first pregnancy,” she told the panel

“I’ve lost so much of it which is why I always cut my hair short because it really didn’t exist, wasn’t worth growing, so I cut it off””

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Willis said she also had problems with her gag reflex during pregnancy, which meant that even everyday tasks like brushing teeth became difficult

“I had never heard of it and did a lot of research, and I never heard of anyone else who had it It was shocking, “she said

“When I brushed my teeth and approached my molars, I would convulsed, my eyes watered and I got sick, but it wasn’t morning sickness, it was because my gag reflex was totally increased”

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Lea Michele, who gave birth to son Ever Leo in August 2020, has also shown that she struggles with hair loss after pregnancy

And model Abbey Clancy previously announced that she suffered from hair loss during and after her third pregnancy

“This means that the hair stays in the anagen (growth) phase of the hair growth cycle longer than usual – less hair is shed and at the end of pregnancy the hair often feels thicker and more voluminous”

As soon as the baby is born or breastfeeding is stopped, estrogen levels drop and return to normal

“In approximately 50% of women, six to 12 weeks later this causes a type of hair loss known as ‘postpartum hair loss’,” continues Kingsley,

“Here, hair that has been kept in the growth phase moves all at once into the telogen phase (hair loss) of the growth cycle, which leads to significant hair loss”

Experts are not entirely sure why hair loss occurs in some women rather than others, and why it can occur in one pregnancy rather than the next

Unfortunately, nothing can be done to prevent postpartum dandruff, but Kingsley has some comforting information for women battling excessive hair loss after having a baby

“The loss can be extremely stressful, but it is only temporary,” she explains. “The dandruff should stop on its own and any lost hair will grow back”

“The most common are malnutrition, malnutrition and stress – all with the responsibility of looking after a baby,” she explains

“To encourage new growth, try to eat a diet high in protein and iron. If you stay longer than four hours between meals, eat a complex carbohydrate. After this time, the energy required to make hair cells drops.”

“Dietary supplements can also be extremely helpful as they provide the body with additional nutrients to produce hair cells”

With regards to products, Kingsley recommends applying stimulant antiandrogenic scalp drops daily and using a stimulant scalp mask once a week

“The stimulating ingredients include menthol and methyl nicotinate,” she explains, “These will help optimize the area around the scalp and create a good foundation for healthy hair growth”

“To strengthen the strands and make them more elastic, use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment once a week,” suggests Kingsley

“This can be applied to your hair while your scalp mask is being applied to your scalp”

Professor Paul Heath said that a longer gap between shocks is unlikely to have a negative impact on effectiveness – and may even increase it

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AstraZeneca Must Deliver Vaccine Doses From The UK To The EU, Says Von der Leyen The President of the Commission says the company is required by law as the redacted version of the contract has been published

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU) have held up well in the equity markets over the past year, bringing solid returns to investors despite the upheaval caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which is NVIDIA’s shares have more than doubled, but Micron’s performance wasn’t that astronomical.Will a similar story unfold in 2021 that makes NVIDIA a better choice for investors than Micron?

Mambu helped 26 financial institutions adapt quickly to market changes and led the company to raise $ 135 at a $ 2.1 billion valuation

Junior Secretary Lucy Frazer said the UK’s priority is to vaccinate its own people but will help the neighbors whenever possible

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Social media influencers and models have been criticized by the Home Secretary for the past few weeks for stating that they are abroad

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