Eddie joined Lorraine Kelly on her self-titled ITV talk show this morning to discuss her latest charity fundraiser 31 Marathons in 31 Days However, during the discussion, things took an emotional turn when Eddie delivered a heartfelt thank you message to the presenter after speaking openly about her gender with Lorraine after sharing her desire to get past her pronouns on a television appearance last year

In 2020, Eddie spoke about “Gender Fluid” and her desire to be “she” and “her” on Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year series

“This is the first program I’ve asked if I can be her and her, a little transition,” she said during her appearance on the show

“People just assume they know me from before. I’m gender specific, I only want to work in girl mode from now on”

Eddie received a lot of praise and support from fans after appearing on the show, and it was a topic of conversation that Lorraine wanted to discuss further with her today

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Lorraine asked: “Well, look, just before Christmas you were on the news and you obviously wanted to be known by ‘she’ Now can I apologize to you if I get this wrong because we’re still doing it”so”

Eddie spoke frankly when she replied: “Let me tell you, I just ask – you know, I’ve been on the road for 35 years, you know that, 1985 (that’s) 35 years!

“And a lot of people have supported this I just made a request, I was asked, I was on Portrait Artist of the Year and they said,” Well, how would you like to be known? “

“And I thought I’d like to be known as ‘her’ because I’m in girl mode”

Eddie continued, “But basically that’s a request, but it’s never a demand, it’s never an insistence, and some people twist that and some people worry about it

“It’s like part of the world is saying, ‘Are you serious? Are you serious about being trans? Because we didn’t know for 35 years! “

Lorraine laughed before giving her opinion, “It doesn’t matter, as long as you are a decent person and tell the truth and tell your own truth and are kind, that’s certainly more important than putting off a label because it is is not really important? ”

Eddie agreed, “It’s live and let live When someone calls me “she” or “she” every time I feel a wonderful feeling But if they go “he” or “Eddie” or “buddy” or “porridge” that’s fine “

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A few moments later, Lorraine finished the interview and the emotions soon got better from both stars

After wishing Eddie the best of luck in her final charity endeavor, she replied, “And thank you for supporting us so

“They really supported us like that, it’s just “Eddie paused when she got crying before adding,” It’s just great that you are here “

Lorraine soon got emotional and the tears started to flow when she replied, “Eddie, thank you very much that is the world”

On Twitter, some fans interfered with their thoughts on the chat One said, “An emotional interview with @eddieizzard on #Lorraine today you are amazing Eddie and I hope you get your seat in Parliament We are with you”

A second echo: “@lorraine Eddie Izzard doesn’t need a label, what a wonderful and friendly person she is a merit of humanity xxx”

“@lorraine, what a wonderful woman Eddie Izzard is”, weighed a third “We need more like her in our world #MakeHumanityGreatAgain”

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World News – UK – Eddie Izzard in tears as she thanks Lorraine for support regarding gender: “Means the world”

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