Easter Monday is a treat for many – wake up and not feel guilty about having chocolates for breakfast (lunch and dinner)

The bank holiday follows the Christian holiday on Easter Sunday, which the believers of Christ understand as the day when his grave was found empty and he was risen

Many shops are closed on Easter Sunday, but is it the same on Easter Monday? Which shops are open today?

Since non-essential stores continue until at least 12 Closed April, only supermarkets and other grocery stores will be open today

Many supermarkets and shops will be open today because, unlike Easter Sunday, when trade laws dictate that businesses exceed a certain size, no such laws apply to this bank holiday

Businesses can, however, be operated with different opening times in order to allow employees to end or start later

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Are the shops open on Easter Sunday, the shops on Easter Sunday

World News – UK – Easter Monday: Which shops are open today?

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