Jill Halfpenny plays a grieving mother in the new Channel 5 drama The Drowning and knows firsthand what it feels like to lose someone nearby after the sudden death of her longtime partner

The actress portrays the destroyed mother Jodie, whose son Daniel is missing – presumably drowned

The actress talks about her role in The Drowning and has dealt with channeling her feelings of loss into her role

She told Love Sunday Magazine, “I haven’t experienced the same loss, but loss is loss, and I believe that losing a relationship can make people feel just as hard as they can grief over losing someone”

“And when I stir up feelings for the role, I think that inevitably some of my own will show up”

She added, “But some are not useful to the character and I need to figure out which are mine and which are Jodies”

Jill has not commented on her grief two years after the tragic death of her partner Matt

She said, “It seems pretty obvious to me that everything is connected. When my partner died, I just made the decision to be with him, invite him over, and let him crush me.

“Because pain doesn’t kill you. But I think denying pain can potentially lead you to darker places than just facing the pain”

Jill has described how her partner’s death felt like a “double loss” as it reflected the circumstances surrounding her father’s death in 1979 when she was only four years old

Jill began her acting career at the age of 14 when she played Nicola Dobson in the BBC One children’s drama Byker Grove

She took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2004 and won the competition with professional Darren Bennett

Jill played acting instructor for Izzie Redpath on Waterloo Road, Emma in Mount Pleasant and Davina in Babylon

In 2019, she portrayed mother Sam in Dark Money, who is horrified to find that her son has been sexually molested

Jill has played many roles on stage as well, including Roxie Hart in the West End musical Chicago

After her cover was inflated, she left the police, married Phil, and opened a nail salon

A BBC spokeswoman said: “Jill’s contract has expired but that doesn’t reflect that as an actress The producers just felt like the character had nowhere to go”

“She will not be killed and the door will be left open for her to return”

But if she sees the disciple Daniel, it threatens to improve the life that she has carefully put back together

“She’s so sure of what she’s doing and why she’s doing it, and that Daniel is her son

“I imagine that losing a child must be the most terrible loss that one can suffer, that seems very obvious to me. I think losing a child under circumstances where you do not know exactly what happened, is another layer of torture ”

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