You may have put together a dazzling Hollywood cast, but Charlie Brookers and Annabel Jones’ documentary parody is falling flat

One of the laziest gags to fly around on social media this goddamn year was that 2020 felt like an episode of Black Mirror, so it’s no wonder that the makers of the dystopian sci-fi series Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones couldn’t resist treating their Netflix paymasters with the kind of scowl that Brooker adopts the parody talking heads format used by Wipe and gives him the Netflix rating through his yearbook for the BBC-reserved wipe series Death to 2020 Luster – the showy cast who dissects 12 terrible months includes Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Tracey Ullman, and Lisa Kudrow Quite an upgrade for Jake Yapp and Limmy

It’s a big disappointment The assembled parody of experts, experts and viewers takes us through the various extremes of 2020 – Australian bushfires, US elections, Harry and Meghan, Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 – and makes it possible Viewers wallowing in self-satisfied satire They expect Brooker’s greatness, but the jokes here are just as predictable as the jokes’ goals, and only occasionally rise above the quality of this year’s terrifying reboot of Spitting Image, at least that had the funny puppets

Donald Trump gets a good kick (he’s a little fat!), as does Boris Johnson (he’s a little scruffy!), conspiracy theorists and coronavirus truth-makers are ridiculed, the US police are devastated for the murder of George Floyd, Big tech companies are ridiculed for allowing fascism to thrive. There’s no more fish in the barrel It’s fun, but only if your idea of ​​fun is 70 minutes of watching Hollywood stars watch the jokes from The Mash Read report out

Too often the characters themselves just get a joke to whip relentlessly, like the wasp soccer mom who – you’ll never believe it – turns out to be a foaming racist by far better Grant historian Tennyson Foss, who is clever the pomposity of Grand Old TV Don captures Diane Morgan, who starred in the Wipe series thanks to her brilliant performance as the astonishingly dark Philomena Cunk, also appears as “Average Citizen” It’s cunk in everything but name, and adds to the nagging feeling that death is wearing off a bit by 2020

Some jokes are sharp and carry Brooker’s sour joke and dizzying surrealism. Fire is described as a “radicalized, angry form of air,” a moronic millennial pats himself on the back over Black Lives Matter for “sending friend requests to many black people “And in an otherwise harrowing segment in which the cast Ullman’s Queen Elizabeth discusses all of the Netflix programming they’ve seen in 2020 She gets an absolute zinger over how “refreshing” she finds The Crown. A repeated joke about Joe Biden’s age finally bears fruit

The problem is, most of the jokes – and observations – here have all been made lazily on social media over and over again. Death by 2020 tramples the ground we know tired at best, completely sick of at worst, Brooker would have once mocked a show like this A TV comedy scripted from someone else’s Twitter jokes? Now there’s an episode of Black Mirror

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Death by 2020

Weltnachrichten – GB – Death by 2020, review: a disappointing repetition of tired jokes and predictable satire