A man who posed as a teenage girl online and blackmailed 51 boys into sending him naughty pictures of himself has been incarcerated for 25 years

David Wilson, 36, of Kirstead, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, admitted 96 offenses at Ipswich Crown Court in November

In some cases, he threatened to share naughty pictures of the boys online unless they sent him footage of them abusing younger siblings or friends

The court heard that some of the children cared for for the purpose of molesting others had been arrested and one was now in a children’s home

Wilson’s victims were between four and 14 years old and his crimes took place between 2016 and 2020, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said

He won their trust by sending sexual images of young women in exchange for photos and videos of the victims themselves

The NCA said he distributed pictures to some friends of his victims even though they asked him to stop, and some children said they wanted to end their lives as a result

“They ran a lengthy and deliberate campaign of sadistic and manipulative abuse of boys on social media,” he said

A child was cared for while struggling with the aftermath of his father, who died of cancer, said the judge

Another asked Wilson to stop when his grandfather was about to die, but it had no effect on his abuser, he added

Wilson pleaded guilty to 54 cases of inducing or stimulating sexual activity to a child under the age of 13, 25 cases of inducing or stimulating sexual activity to a child, and 10 cases of inducing or stimulating sexual activity to a child observed one sexual act, three numbers of extortions, and four instances of organizing or facilitating sexual exploitation of a child

Upon his release from prison, he was ordered to serve an eight-year extended license

Officials began compiling information about Wilson after Facebook identified 20 reports of boys, ages 12-15, who posted pictures of themselves on a report that appeared to belong to a 13-year-old girl >

The mother of one of Wilson’s victims spoke of her concern about Facebook’s plan to encrypt messages end-to-end on the platform

“I think if it gets too difficult for law enforcement to track these people down, we won’t be able to protect our children and people like him will get away with it”

“Facebook has led the industry in developing new ways to prevent, detect, and respond to abuse We will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activity “

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “This disgusting case is a chilling reminder of the importance of technology companies doing their part in combating child sexual abuse

“It’s important that Facebook doesn’t move forward without changing its current end-to-end encryption plans Otherwise, sick criminals like David Wilson could continue to abuse children with impunity “

Tony Cook, director of child sexual abuse at the NCA, said Wilson “hunted down” the “vulnerabilities” of his victims

“He has groomed, bullied, and blackmailed boys, sending them indecent pictures and, in some cases, terribly abusing himself and others,” he said

Mr Cook urged parents to speak to their children about who they are communicating with online and understand that “this can happen to anyone”

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