The beloved nature documentary Sir David Attenborough has sent a message to usher in the new year

Attenborough appeared on the BBC early in 2021, narrating the traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks that people watched on TV under Covid-19 safety restrictions

“Happy New Year,” he said, “Our planet is unique. A living world full of diversity and wonder. It’s fragile too”

“The New Year is an opportunity for change,” he continued. “And if we act in 2021 we can make a big difference Together we can turn things around Together we can restore our fragile homes and all of the planet Bring Earth a Happy New Year ”

The Black Lives Matter movement and the NHS were also honored at the nightly ceremony held in London over the O2 and on the River Thames

It was recently announced that Attenborough would be hosting a second series of dynasties, the BBC One series, which explores the lives of various animals

He can also be seen presenting A Perfect Planet, a five-episode series that will be released on Sunday March 3rd January starts at 8 p.m. on BBC One

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David Attenborough

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