TWO utilities, Green Network Energy and Simplicity Energy, announced today that they will cease trading

Green Network Energy supplies around 360000 domestic customers and a smaller number of foreign customers with gas and electricity Simplicity Energy supplies around 50000 domestic customers with gas and electricity

Gas and Electricity Regulator Ofgem, however, has urged customers not to panic Under Ofgem’s safety net, Green Network Energy and Simplicity Energy customers will continue to power their customers and domestic customers’ outstanding balances will be protected

Company customers are contacted by their new supplier selected by Ofgem

In the meantime, the organization’s advice to Green Network Energy and Simplicity Energy customers is: do not switch to another utility until a new one has been appointed and you have been contacted by them in the following weeks; Have a meter ready as soon as possible to know when your new supplier will contact you

This will make the transfer of customers to the selected supplier and the repayment of outstanding credits as smooth as possible

Philippa Pickford, Director of Retail at Ofgem, said: “Green Network Energy and Simplicity Energy customers don’t need to worry as we make sure their energy supply is safe under our safety net”and domestic customers ???? credits are protected

???? Ofgem will now select a new supplier for you While we are doing this we recommend waiting until we appoint a new supplier and not switching in the meantime.You can rely on your energy supply as usual.We will update you when we have selected a new supplier which will then change with your new tariff? ????

Customers with questions should visit the FAQs on the website or, if they need additional assistance, call Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 or email them using their web form. Advice is also on Ofgem’s Twitter channels @ofgem and Facebook shared

Once contacted, customers can ask to get the best deal from their new supplier, or look for a better deal from another supplier. They will not be charged redemption fees to switch from their new supplier

Ofgem’s safety net will ensure customers always have a power supply, domestic customers ???? Credits are protected and the transition to the ordered supplier is as smooth and problem-free as possible

Green Network Energy

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