Taking into account various factors including age, health, and occupation, the calculator will provide an approximate range of dates for when you will receive the vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine has already been launched across Scotland and the UK Those most at risk in our society and in healthcare are the first to receive shocks

Nicola Sturgeon recently confirmed that thousands of people across Scotland have already received the first of two Pfizer Biontech vaccines made available earlier this month

Depending on various factors such as age, medical situation and occupation, it can take a long time to protect you from the virus

A new online calculator for Covid vaccines now estimates exactly when you will receive the coronavirus sting

The omni vaccine queue calculator asks you for your age, whether you live in a nursing home, whether you are pregnant, whether you work in healthcare, and other questions such as: B. whether you have underlying health conditions or if you have been asked to shield during lockdown

“Based on your profile, anywhere in the UK between 27132105 and 38844493 people queuing for a COVID vaccine

“At a vaccination rate of 1000000 per week and an intake of 706%, you should expect to have your vaccine between April 26th062021 and 16092021 to receive “

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World news – GB – The Covid vaccine calculator estimates when you will get a coronavirus sting

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