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The holiday program will be extended until the end of September, with employers being asked to contribute to the salaries of employees from July, the Chancellor will announce

Rishi Sunak will use Wednesday’s budget to pledge to help businesses and individuals in the “challenging months ahead – and beyond”

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which has protected more than 11 million jobs since its inception, is expected to remain in place through September

However, the government’s contribution will decrease from July – employers will be asked to work with taxpayers to pay the cost of workers on leave

Employers are expected to contribute 10% in July and 20% in August and September when the economy reopens

Employees will continue to receive 80% of their salary for hours not worked by the end of the program

The Chancellor will also announce further support for the self-employed More than 600000 people – many of whom will become self-employed in 2019/20 – are now entitled to cash grants

As of April, a fourth grant from the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) amounting to 80% of the average trading profit from three months up to 7500 GBP can be requested

The Treasury Department announced that hundreds of thousands more people will be eligible for the grants this time as tax return data is now available for 2019/20

Mr Sunak was criticized for the fact that new self-employed people could not previously benefit from the system

The Chancellor is expected to provide further details on the proposals and plans for a fifth grant on Wednesday

Speaking before the budget, he said, “Our Covid support programs have been a lifeline for millions and have protected jobs and incomes across the UK

“At the end of the tunnel there is now light with a roadmap for the reopening So it is only right that we continue to help companies and individuals in the challenging months to come – and beyond””

The Chancellor will undertake to use “fiscal firepower” to protect jobs and livelihoods, and promises to “do everything possible to help companies and people in this” moment of crisis ”

He is expected to come up with a three-point economic plan aimed at helping people through the Covid-19 pandemic, fixing public finances and building the future economy

Mr Sunak will tell MPs: “Firstly, we will continue to do everything we can to support the British and businesses at this moment of crisis

“Second, once we are on the recovery path, we need to start setting public finances – and I want to be honest today about our plans to do so

“And thirdly, in today’s budget, we’re starting to build our future economy”

The Treasury Department said the budget would build on the government’s plan for jobs and the £ 280 billion aid package during the coronavirus crisis

Labor said the support measures could have been implemented “months ago” and accused the Chancellor of wanting his “moment in the sun” rather than protecting jobs

Treasury shadow chief Bridget Phillipson said, “These changes to the support programs may have been made months ago

“Businesses and workers have asked the Chancellor to reassure them – but they had to wait because he said it was not appropriate until the budget”

“The announcement the night before shows that the focus is on Rishi Sunak having his moment in the sun rather than protecting jobs and livelihoods

“We need a budget that will secure the UK’s recovery and rebuild the economic foundations that weakened the Conservatives before the crisis

“That means a plan to support jobs and businesses, protect family finances and bring Britain to a better and safer future”

However, CBI chief economist Rain Newton-Smith said expanding the program will “keep millions more in the works and give companies a chance to catch their breath if we carefully end the lockdown”

“The vacation program has been a tremendous success throughout the crisis. It makes sense to keep the system going while the resilience of businesses remains fragile for a few more months,” she said

“If we make progress in the summer, it is right for companies to start contributing a little more when revenues recover”In the meantime, it’s great to see more support for the new self-employed who missed out on last year”

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