The government’s NERVTAG (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group) has released protocols that completed the new strain VUI 202012/01, spreading faster

This resulted in the prime minister ordering crackdown on Christmas and causing millions to tear up their festive plans

Liverpool City Council encourages anyone returning to the area from London or the South East to get tested

Millions of Brits were suddenly forced to postpone festive plans – but how did we get here?

Are you in Tier 4? Use our zip code checker to find the restrictions in your area

Sky News visits a community in Wales that has dubbed a “COVID hotspot” for most of this year

Another 266 people who tested positive for coronavirus have died in hospital in England, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths reported in hospitals to 46388 increased, so NHS England

The patients were between 42 and 101 years old. All but seven between the ages of 53 and 90 years had known health problems

It arises amid growing concerns about what the Commons Audit Committee is calling “opportunistic fraud” – where workers on leave continue to work while their superiors apply for the grant

Under current plans, the extent of the casualties will not be revealed until the end of next year, but the committee said one should be released by the end of January instead

Son plans to drive from Manchester to Stoke – and back again – on Christmas Day to see his parents

Sam Morgan, 31, says people now have “added pressure” to decide what to do best

Speaking to Skys Katerina Vittozzi in Manchester, he said: “My family is in Stoke so now I can drive down and back in one day

“My parents are over 60 years old so moving from a bigger city like Manchester to a smaller city like Stoke is worrying Obviously, you don’t want to bring anything back, or vice versa

“It’s frustrating because I’ve personally seen my family twice this year, and that’s why I understand when people say they are so desperate to see the family, especially at Christmas time

“Government guidelines say it’s the wrong thing, but if we find out ‘these are the rules’ this late at the eleventh hour and you’ve been aware of this new strain since September, why are they?” Are you waiting until now to tell people that they basically can’t see their family this Christmas?

“The tier system obviously isn’t working The only thing that worked was a full lockdown so either do a full lockdown or develop another system because the tier system isn’t working “

She told Sky News: “I couldn’t visit my family in France for Christmas due to travel restrictions I haven’t seen them since July

“So I was supposed to be going to Wales with my friend’s family for Christmas instead, but we can’t go there now either

“We had these plans set for about a month and it’s really sad that the plans have changed, but we just have to celebrate when all of this is over it would be the first Christmas I spent with his family had

“So it’s just the two of them now. I don’t think I want to video call my family on Christmas Day – I think it would make me cry to see them on the internet and not be with them”

The Irish Minister of Health announced that an announcement will be made today regarding possible restrictions on passengers traveling from the UK to Ireland

Stephen Donnelly said he and the party leaders are considering flights and ferries from the UK

On RTE Radio One that week, Donnelly said, “I expect the Irish government will make an announcement about travel restrictions later today,” said Donnelly

A senior Conservative MP has accused the government of postponing the announcement of the new Christmas rules and Tier 4 restrictions until the House of Commons disintegrates at Christmas

Sir Charles Walker, vice chairman of the Tory Backbench Committee in 1922, said he believed ministers knew by Friday that they would cancel Christmas for millions of people

“I suspect the government knew they were going to cancel Christmas Wednesday and Thursday when they told the House of Commons they wanted to move on,” he told BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend,

“I think many colleagues find this extremely outrageous. The Christmas season was passed into law by the House of Commons in a vote after a debate

“Most colleagues believed that a change would require another vote in the House of Commons, so I suspect that a decision has been delayed until we are safely back to our constituencies”

Austria says it would also suspend flights from the UK – but there were no immediate details at the time of the ban, reported Austrian news agency APA

Along with Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, it bans air travel from the UK due to fears about the new strain of coronavirus

UK flights to the Netherlands have been halted, a move that Belgium is reflecting while also halting rail connections

Italy announced its measures just after noon on Sunday, but it is not known how long they will be in place

Although people now living under Tier 4 restrictions are being told not to travel unless strictly necessary, Eurostar tickets sold out in less than an hour on Sunday morning as France was likely to ban British travelers

At 11.50am, seats were available on the three Eurostar trains that ran from London to Paris on Sunday at 12.00pm, 1.31pm and 713pm

Less than an hour later, no tickets were available for a Eurostar train leaving London on Sunday

London’s Regent Street was usually full for the last weekend before Christmas but is now almost deserted after most stores were forced to close with strict new restrictions due to the rapid spread of a new variant of the coronavirus

Police Scotland will double its presence along the border with England after first minister announces stricter restrictions on coronavirus

France is considering following other countries to suspend flights and trains from the UK following the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus

After Boris Johnson said the identified variant was up to 70% more contagious than the original

Sir Keir added, “The British people have done everything that was asked of them. Our NHS and social workers have done everything that was asked of them – and more.

“Our key workers – police officers, firefighters, supermarket workers and postmen – kept us going

Our businesses have grown Our communities have come together Now everyone – the British people – expect their government to deliver. 2021 may be the year of recovery, but only if the government gets it right

“So today I renew my offer to work with you and the government to get this right”

Sir Keir said, “I know the injured people feel – and the anger – because Christmas is more than just a holiday, it’s part of who we are as a nation

“But there is no escape – and what upsets and frustrates people most is that the Prime Minister waited – once again – until the eleventh hour to make that decision

“Last week it was evident that the Prime Minister’s plan to be free for all over Christmas was too risky

“Yet, by listening to concerns and taking them seriously, the Prime Minister did what he always did – declined the challenge, tousled his hair and made a flippant comment”

Sir Keir Starmer says: “The alarm bells have been ringing for weeks, but the Prime Minister has decided to ignore them

Sir Keir Starmer will respond to the government’s imposition of harsh new measures that have disrupted Christmas plans across the country

Cabinet Secretary Matt Hancock has repeatedly urged the European Union to change its position and withdraw its “unreasonable demands” so that both sides can seal a post-Brexit trade deal

“We want these talks to come to a positive conclusion Of course I want a deal I think everyone wants a deal”

“Unfortunately the EU has made some inappropriate demands that they do not respect the referendum result,” he told Sky News

He said fishing and the so-called level playing field for fair competition rules remain a sticking point

“I’m sure a deal can be done, but obviously there needs to be some movement on the EU side,” added Hancock

Additional UK traffic police to ensure that “only those who need to make essential travel can travel safely”

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps: “It is incredibly important that people follow instructions, stay home and not try to travel. Our focus must be on stopping the spread of this virus, protecting lives and our NHS.” >

“When you are in Tier 4, the law means you have to stay home and not be able to stay away from home overnight. All over the rest of the country you have to stay in place

“Follow directions and do not come to a train station unless you are allowed to travel. Additional BTP officers are deployed to ensure that only those who need to make important trips can travel safely”

The Tsar of the Christmas Transport, Sir Peter Hendy, said: “The message is clear: to fight this virus you must follow the instructions and stay at home

“We will deploy additional staff at the stations, announcements will clarify the law, and additional BTP officers will be deployed to ensure that only essential trips take place

“People Thinking About Driving Should Also Stay Home or On-site” The new restrictions mean people should not travel in or out of Tier 4 areas and that you should stay on-site across the country To help combat the spread of this virus ”

Dr Susan Hopkins of Public Health England tells Ridge that the new variant was first discovered in a patient in September

She said the government was informed on Friday that the new tribe was “much more communicable”

Cases have been found in other parts of the country, but only in a few cases, she said

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