Schools and companies can reopen and people can leave their homes – but the borders remain closed to outsiders

Lockdown restrictions on the Isle of Man have been lifted entirely thanks to the “supportive, patriotic” public who have been lauded for the way they have taken action to combat COVID-19

The island has not had any “unexplained” cases of coronavirus in the community in 20 days, and that means wearing masks and social distancing are no longer required

Schools and businesses can reopen, and people can leave their homes and enjoy normal life again – but the borders will remain closed to anyone who tries to enter

Prime Minister Howard Quayle told Sky News that the success of dealing with COVID-19 was also due to “government policies to eradicate”

He said, “We have border restrictions, we allow people to travel compassionately, key workers and our own locals who unfortunately go to the UK for funerals and our patient transfers to the North West, but otherwise we have a closed border policy

“From 15 June to 7th January this year no COVID in the Isle of Man Unfortunately we had some cases in the Isle of Man – we had to go in quick and quick and close our island so we could eradicate

“We have a government policy to eradicate COVID that doesn’t live with it, and I suppose I attribute that, the success, to the great public of Manx

“You followed the rules, have been very supportive, patriotic, have a great community spirit and it is thanks to the great Manx public that we are in this fortunate position again.”

“We’ve now had 20 days with no unresolved community cases. The only cases we’ve had lately have been travel

“We’re quarantining all of them for 14 days before we can bring them back into the community after three tests So we’re pretty confident that once they get out of their quarantine they won’t have COVID””

“You never can say never, but we’ve waited a while, we’ve done this before, our power interruption took a little over three weeks and it seems to have worked,” he added

As part of the Isle of Man vaccination program, Mr Quayle said authorities would give a second dose to some of those over 80 and work through the groups of key workers and vulnerable people

In December, a man was jailed in the Isle of Man for violating COVID-19 regulations after taking a jet ski from Scotland to the island to visit his partner

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