css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} People are advised not to make unnecessary trips to Herefordshire after the coronavirus restrictions are downgraded to Tier 1 – Medium Alert

The West Mercia Police Chief reminded people that they wanted to visit loved ones over Christmas to abide by the rules for the area they live in

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Mr Bangham urged “those in Wales and the neighboring counties to respect the efforts of the Herefordshire parishes by continuing to avoid unnecessary trips to Herefordshire”

He said: “We expect some people to travel to Herefordshire during the festive season to see loved ones or socialize

“There may be a temptation to socialize in areas with fewer restrictions, but I urge people to exercise restraint

“We don’t want to stop people from enjoying the festive season, but I urge you to think carefully about your plans and stick to the rules to protect one another”

The Welsh restrictions limit the number of people who can meet in a cafe, restaurant or other open building to three, saying you can only meet people from your extended household in your home

Dr Rebecca Howell-Jones, Acting Director of Public Health in Herefordshire, also cautioned caution over Christmas, calling it “another important point in the course of the pandemic”

She commended the people of the county for “an excellent job of complying with Covid-19 guidelines and keeping the number of Covid-19 cases low compared to other parts of the country”

But she said that despite the downgrading of restrictions in the county, she wanted the local people to continue to “act responsibly”

The next level of government review is expected on Wednesday, June 30th December, announced

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The relaxation of the Christmas rules will be abolished for much of the south-east of England and reduced to Christmas Day for the rest of England, Wales and Scotland

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Covid: What are the new levels and lockdown rules in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? 2

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World News – UK – Covid-19 Levels: Calls to Limit Travel to Tier 1 Herefordshire

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