css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} Other countries have banned arrivals from Great Britain due to concerns about the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus

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On Sunday evening, France closed its border with the UK for 48 hours, which means no trucks or ferries can drive from the port of Dover

The French government said Monday it would draw up minutes “to ensure the movement from Britain can resume”

As the queues grow in Kent, the Prime Minister will chair a meeting of the government emergency committee

Norway, Belgium and the Republic of Ireland have also suspended flights from the UK. India will stop flights from Tuesday evening until the evening of December 31 December set

Austria will also introduce a ban, while Bulgaria suspended flights to and from Great Britain from midnight. In contrast to the short-term measures in many other countries, the ban will apply until 31 January

In a post published on Twitter by the French Embassy in Great Britain, French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said: “In the next few hours we will be drawing up a solid health protocol at European level to ensure that movement from Great Britain can resume”

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases in the UK rose by 35 on Sunday928 – almost twice as many as seven days earlier

And it was announced that within 28 days of testing positive, an additional 326 people died, bringing the nation’s total to 67401 increased

Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that the new variant of the virus – which can be up to 70% more transmissible – is “getting out of control”

The new variant has spread rapidly in London and the south-east of England, but there is no evidence, according to health officials, that it is more lethal or would react differently to vaccines

On Monday, the government promised to issue refunds for train and bus tickets purchased between Jan. and 27 December were bought for the Christmas travel window after millions of people across the UK severely curtailed or abandoned their festive plans

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said this would apply to trips to England on or after Dec. November were booked when the Christmas travel window was announced

Here at the entrance to the port, a large sign warns the drivers – the French border is closed

But the news didn’t reach everyone. A steady steam of trucks and cars has arrived, only to be immediately turned away

The port and the Eurotunnel were closed to traffic to France around 23:00 GMT yesterday evening – in a situation described as unprecedented

A haulier who was stuck in a queue and didn’t get on a ferry in time told me he turned around and went home

This option is simply not available to foreign drivers. They are in their taxis at least two days ago

Part of the M20 motorway has been turned into a huge truck park as the government tells freight forwarders not to drive into Kent

The Kent Police have launched Operation Stack on the M20 towards Dover to queue the trucks affected by the disruption

The coastal lane of the autobahn was closed between intersections 8 and 11 as an “emergency measure”, the troops said

Manston Airport in Kent is being prepared to accommodate up to 4000 trucks to reduce congestion in the county, according to the Ministry of Transport

On Monday morning, Mr Shapps said the situation in Kent was “not too disturbed” saying “it is mainly European and French freight forwarders that are affected” and that about 20% of the 32 total000 freight units shipped today are affected by the restrictions

When asked whether he could guarantee that the vaccines for Covid-19 vaccines from Belgium would not be affected by travel bans, Shapps told BBC Breakfast: “Yes, I can – and the reason is actually that the vaccine wasn’t”Get through the roll, roll – precious few trucks had made it that way

“It comes via containers and container traffic is not affected at all, so this is not a problem with the vaccine at all”

Iain Wright, executive director of the Food and Drink Federation, told BBC Breakfast that there was “no need” for shoppers to panic about border restrictions, but that there were “concerns” about food supply over the longer term especially after Christmas

At peak times like Christmas, around 10 run daily000 trucks between Dover and Calais

The freight industry lobby group, Logistics UK, urged shoppers to remain calm, saying it had “been in close contact with the UK government to ensure fresh supplies are available during Christmas and New Years”

Speaking to the BBC, the group’s general manager Alex Veitch called on the government to offer truck drivers quick coronavirus tests

Although cargo from France is still allowed to enter the UK, there are fears that truck drivers may not travel because they fear they will be stuck in the UK over Christmas

Eurotunnel connections to France will also be discontinued and Eurostar trains to Belgium will not run

In the meantime, talks between the UK and the EU on a post-Brexit deal are set to continue after both sides missed a deadline set by the European Parliament on the terms

The MPs had said they would have to see the terms of an agreement by Sunday evening if they found it before the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31 December could ratify

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A new variant discovered in the UK has led to a sharp increase in the number of Covid cases

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