The country has gone through seven grueling weeks of lockdown since Christmas, during which non-essential businesses were closed, almost all hospitality businesses closed and a ban on travel outside of the parish areas was imposed

The number of positive Covid test results has decreased across the country in the past few weeks, and the number of coronavirus patients in the hospital has also decreased

Today, Sturgeon confirmed that 49 people have died in the past 24 hours after a positive 28-day Covid result

In the meantime from 830 this morning have 1288004 people in Scotland received their first dose of vaccine

The Conservative group leader at Holyrood responded to Nicola Sturgeon’s review of the lockdown by asking for a “national tutoring service” to prevent some children from falling behind

In order to bring us even closer to normalcy, we have to vaccinate all key employees as early as possible, following the JCVI recommendations

We have asked for answers from the First Minister on behalf of key workers, including teachers, who would like to know when they will be receiving the vaccine, both for their own health and for their close contacts

The answer was brief in detail and did not clarify anything. We will need answers soon so that key workers can ensure that our schools and public services function safely

Nicola Sturgeon warned that holidays abroad were out of the question this summer, but suggested stays may be possible

The First Minister advised people against booking breaks at Easter as the tourism industry was unlikely to be fully open again by then

The SNP chairman told MSPs at Holyrood that progress in combating the spread of the coronavirus had remained “fragile” and that lockdown restrictions would last at least until early March and likely beyond

The First Minister said the number of daily reported cases of Covid is from 2300 decreased to 810 in early January The Scots would have to comply with restrictions for the time being for the vaccination program to come into force

She warned Scotland not to return to “100% normal” for some time as the lockdown is being eased more slowly than last year

The school’s announcement had a glimmer of light, but Nicola Sturgeon warned it was too early to let up any further

At Holyrood, she said the school’s decision was not an “opportunity” to meet other parents and friends

The difficult but inevitable fact is this: if returning to school leads to more adult contact in the next few weeks, the transmission of the virus will quickly increase again

That will then jeopardize our ability to sustain this limited return to school as well, and it will be much less likely that we will get more students back anytime soon. This would also affect our progress more generally

Nicola Sturgeon said councils and schools will be given £ 40million as part of a larger £ 100million package to “speed up” recovery

When students, teachers and school staff return to the senior stage, we will provide them with lateral flow tests at home twice a week as part of a wider package of remedial measures in the school

Schools and municipalities have now received comprehensive testing guidelines, and as of yesterday, more than 2200 schools received supplies of test kits

We are also working with YoungScot to provide online information and support for senior-level students who wish to take the testing program

In addition, upper secondary students must maintain a physical distance of two meters in school and on school transport in the time immediately after their return

The First Minister confirmed the return of P1-3 and said other students are unlikely to be back for weeks

I can confirm today that, according to the advice of our expert group, this first phase of the reopening of the schools will take place on Monday as planned

We must monitor the effects of this change very carefully before making any further decisions

I hope, however, that we can initiate the second phase of the school opening in two weeks

However, I want to make it clear that the need to properly assess the impact of this limited reopening leads us to believe, at this point in time, that it is unlikely that it will be before Jan. March comes another return to school

From 830 this morning have 1288004 people in Scotland received their first dose of vaccine This is an increase of 32814 since yesterday

This means that we have now given a first dose to 28% of the adult population

And we achieved our goal by mid-February to offer the first dose of the vaccine to everyone over the age of 70 and anyone with extreme clinical susceptibility – those are Groups 1 through 4 of the JCVI priority list

This is very good news, however, if I put it the way I just did, the scale of the performance is actually underestimated

49 people died in the last 24 hours after a positive Covid result with 28 days

The First Minister said there will be no further changes to lockdown restrictions in Scotland beyond training in the early years

The basic requirement for staying at home remains in place until at least the beginning of March – and possibly for a further period beyond that

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that children in P1-3 will be able to attend as planned from Monday the 22nd February, can return to school

A limited number of older students can go to school to do important practical work

Chun Wong and his daughter Kiernan, eight, arrived at Edinburgh Airport on Monday and were asked to spend 10 days at a nearby hotel to self-isolate

However, they were contacted by officials later that evening to tell him that he did not have to obey the rules because he had been in Ireland for a short time

What apparently happened with the Wong family is that there are exceptions for those coming from the common travel area

This means that if someone is just coming through Ireland, this is the common travel area and now these people do not need to be quarantined

As with any new system, we identify problems Anyone who listens will find that it doesn’t make sense

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon advises and consults government colleagues on a planned gradual return for younger students

The Scottish Government would like to start at 22 reopen schools to children in elementary school 1-3 The rules could also be repealed to allow older children to work towards assessments

She said, “I am very, very, very interested in doing this, if at all I know the whole Cabinet thinks that way”

Stuart McCall insists that the alleged Rangers party-goers must be “the baddest people on the planet” if they break the Covid rules

The Ibrox club has opened an internal investigation after it was alleged that some players attended a gathering following the win over Kilmarnock on Saturday

The allegations have not been confirmed, but former Rangers midfielder McCall is upset after Scottish football received another public reprimand from Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon

What follows is a previous incident at the club where Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were fined and banned for attending a party Both have now been loaned out

Nicola Sturgeon will inform the nation of the numbers for the night in the early afternoon

The First Minister will keep the MSPs in Holyrood informed of the final review of the lockdown at around 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. and will release the statistics before they testify

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