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The company at the center of a storm of “absolutely inadequate” free school lunch packages sent to families is run by a Buckinghamshire man

The government has promised to investigate after pictures posted online showed a skimpy free school lunch package apparently provided by Chartwells

Chartwells is part of the food service giant Compass Group and its managing director is Charlie Brown

According to the Compass Group website, Mr. Brown lives in Buckinghamshire with his partner and two children

Children Secretary Vicky Ford said she was “urgent” on the matter after a mother posted a picture of a £ 30 package estimated to contain a little more than £ 5 worth of groceries

The Twitter user Roadside Mum shared the picture and said: “2 days jacket potatoes with beans, 8 individual cheese sandwiches, 2 days carrots, 3 days apples, 2 days wound, 3 days frubes

“Issued instead of £ 30 vouchers I could do more with £ 30 to be honest”

The post prompted many Twitter users to urge those affected to contact Mr. Brown

One said, “Ask him what happens to the rest of the funds to be used to feed children” ”

Footballer and activist Marcus Rashford tweeted another picture, writing, “3 days of food for a family … just not good enough

“Not to mention the parents who sometimes have to teach them that they probably didn’t eat anything for their children to do We HAVE to do better ”

The Ministry of Education wrote on Twitter: “We have clear guidelines and standards for food packages that we are expected to adhere to

She estimated the cost of the food in the pack at £ 522 based on prices at Asda

They said, “Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention This does not reflect the specification of any of our obstacles ”

He tweeted, “The pictures that appear online of totally inadequate free school lunch packages are a shame

After Ms. Ford announced her plans for investigation, she also defended the use of packages instead of coupons for families in need

She tweeted, “One of the reasons some schools have used grocery packages instead of vouchers is because it helps them keep in touch with families

“Unfortunately the risk for some children has increased during the pandemic. Call @NSPCC if you are concerned about a child”

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