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COLIN Firth is enjoying a leisurely stroll with BBC news anchor Joanna Gosling

a year after his split from wife Livia Giuggioli

The dashing Bridget Jones actor, 60, looked like a compatriot as he smiled and strolled through Richmond Park with Joanna, 49

Colin wore a gray flat cap and a thick winter coat and was gesturing with his hands as the couple talked

They paused to socialize on a log and Joanna, who benevolently wore, was on the pounding heart of Mr. Darcy fixed

While Joanna split from 18-year-old husband Sir Craig Oliver in 2014, she was David Cameron’s communications director and led the Remain Campaign The Ex-Couple Share Three Daughters

A-List star Colin issued a statement confirming his marriage breakup, insisting that they “maintain a close friendship” after 22 years of marriage

Your publicists said in a joint statement: “They have a close friendship and remain united in their love for their children”

Their split came after The Sun revealed in 2018 that a man accused of stalking Livia claimed they shared a passionate year-long affair – one of which they romped around the world

Livia admitted briefly with journalist Marco Brancaccia while temporarily separated from King’s Speech

But she and the actor reported the 56-year-old to the police, accusing him of tracking her and sending horrific messages and an email with a compromising photo of her

But the divorced Marco insisted that he wasn’t a stalker and that their affair lasted almost 12 months

He said: “We met at a party at Colin and Livia’s in Italy. I’ve known them for years and one thing led to another

“She would tell Colin that she was on a business trip and we would meet all over the world. We met in New York, Brazil, Iceland, Italy and even London, where they live

“We went to the start of the Pirelli 2016 calendar in London together and I was seated at the same table as her We went to the Rio Carnival together I would say we were very much in love

“Sometimes when we were together, she got a call from Colin, I’m the one called a stalker when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong’ ’

Marco was accused of leading an eight month stalking campaign against the Firths between September 2016 and May 2018

Sources said Colin confronted his wife about their alleged affair after receiving an email

A friend of the actor said, “This email basically told Colin everything he’d done with his wife in a year

“The email was a detailed diatribe, humiliating Colin, and designed with no motive other than wounding. He described intimate meetings that would destroy any husband

“He did this with a misguided and hopeless belief that he could destabilize Colin and Livia’s efforts to get things sorted out

The Firths appeared together on the red carpet several times during the time they said they were apart

They posed for the cameras at the Baftas in February 2016 and for a number of other red carpet engagements

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Joanna Gosling

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