css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} Security officials removed Covid-19 “deniers” who took pictures of empty corridors in an NHS hospital with intensive care, said the managing director

Managing Director Nick Hulme said it was “beggar belief”, some people called the pandemic a joke

He said it was “the right thing” to keep the corridors in the ambulances as empty as possible

Mr Hulme said hospital security must “remove people who take photos of empty corridors and then post them on social media, saying the hospital is not in crisis”

“When you have this kind of social media pressure and these people are denying the reality of Covid, we really care about me at a loss for words,” he said

“Of course, there are empty corridors for outpatients at the weekend, because that’s the right thing to do

“We’re facing the greatest health challenge we’ve ever seen, and we still see people breaking the rules of [social distancing]”

Amid the coronavirus pandemic restrictions on social distancing, many outpatient consultations have been postponed online or will take place over the phone, he added

Mr. Hulme is the executive director of East Suffolk and the North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, which also operates Ipswich Hospital 320 patients are currently being treated for Covid-19 at both locations

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World News – GB – Colchester Hospital: Covid deniers removed from hospital at full capacity

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