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The essence of television’s current obsession with true crime is not murder. The serial killers, the stalkers, the maniacs, the cannibals, they are all random. What excited us is the psychology behind the crimes

John Zachary DeLorean Didn’t Kill Anyone But his entire life, from his first cheap scams to his $ 100 million scam, has been a criminal enterprise

DeLorean: Back from the Future (BBC2) told us from the start that this man whose knife-blade sports car with its looming wings epitomized the 1980s surplus was a complex fake, “I don’t think he’s just a person is I think he is made up of several people, and he presents one side of himself like the side of a prism for you to see, ”warned one contributor,

The documentary examined DeLorean from every angle and hopped through his life to remove the charm and lies. Thanks to the Michael J Fox trilogy of Back To The Future films, the car now symbolizes time travel. The filmmakers could have acted cheesy with this, but decided to keep it simple

DeLorean: Back from the Future (BBC2) examined John Zachary DeLorean from every angle, hopping through his life to remove the charms and lies

The real sense of time travel came from the news material. A teenage Jeremy Paxman with a head of seditious locks covered the streets of Belfast where DeLorean built his factory in 1978 with £ 54 million Labor government funding in a few years later a boyish Gavin Esler was standing on a California beach and was thrilled by the prospect of driving the first production model

Jump forward four decades and both men are now silver-haired senior statesmen of journalism Paxo scoffed at DeLorean’s “lasting tan and perfect teeth,” while Esler complained that the gull wing door was blocked while trying to get out of the brand new car – in front of the camera

Was it my TV or did half of the chefs on Celebrity Best Home Cook (BBC1) have green faces?

The documentary showed appearances by personalities such as the politicians Roy Hattersley and Michael Heseltine as well as the satirist PJ O’Rourke several contributors were shown on a split screen rotated from two angles, reinforcing the idea that DeLorean, who died in 2005, was a man seen through a prism

It makes sense for this film to turn away from the wilder conspiracy legends that grew up around the man – like the theory that he poisoned the Lotus F1 mogul with digitalis, the plant, after an argument with business partner Colin Chapman known as thimble. Chapman died of a heart attack at the age of 54

DeLorean’s ex-wife, model Cristina Ferrare, dismissed him as a “vicious narcissist,” but it was his biographer, Hillel Levin, who captured the mundane truth at the deepest psychological level of Conman’s plastic surgery, fitness routines, and ostentatious lifestyle were a means not to steal money but to earn admiration “I think he definitely wanted people to like him,” said Levin

The crime that matters in The Bay (ITV) is not the execution of a lawyer (Stephen Tompkinson) on his doorstep Even the Morecambe Police Department doesn’t seem particularly concerned

Your investigation was based on questioning children – the boy who saw the shooting but can’t remember anything but the tattoo on the murderer’s hand and the 12-year-old criminal girl who got rid of the murder weapon is

DC Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) is more concerned about the reappearance of her creepy ex (Joe Absolom) making his way back into her children’s lives, maybe he just wants to be liked, as he claims

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