While Chrissy Teigen is a great admirer of the US President, the cookbook-turned model had reluctantly asked him to follow her on Twitter so she could tweet without hesitation

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But Chrissy’s celebration was not without regrets, as she wrote on Instagram: “A breakup story needs some from Ben and Jerry”

While Chrissy is a huge admirer of the U.S. President, the cookbook-turned model reluctantly asked him to follow her on Twitter so she could tweet without restriction

Biden only followed 13 people on the social media platform, including Chrissy.He is now following 12

She wrote, “I’ve tweeted a few times since I appreciated @POTUS. In order for me to thrive as I, I have to ask you please sir, don’t follow me

The 34-year-old, married to singer John Legend, was a big supporter of the new president during his campaign and early tenure

While speaking incredibly loudly about her admiration for Biden, Chrissy has openly shared her “hatred” of former US President Trump

For the past few months she has labeled the politician “evil”, “shameful” and “the worst person” who walks the earth

Back in January, before Biden’s inauguration, Chrissy targeted Trump in a wild Instagram caption

The angry star insisted Trump was “the worst king” when she caught up on herself ahead of the festivities

“With 2 impeachments, creating 3 million LESS jobs, 403000 dead, a record low approval rating and God knows how many crimes we can officially say, Donald J Trump is the greatest when it comes to being the worst king “She raged

Chrissy Teigen

World News – GB – Chrissy Teigen celebrates “breakup” after Joe Biden stopped following her on Twitter

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