Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty arrives at the Department of Health and Social Affairs (file image)

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer of

ngland, has been labeled a “liar” for being cursed on the street in central London

Footage has been released on social media showing a young man mocking Professor Whitty as he appears to be waiting for an order for lunch at a street stall

The footage is believed to have been captured at Strutton Ground Market in Westminster and uploaded to TikTok

In the video, the young man repeatedly names Professor Whitty a liar and adds, “You’re lying about the Covid-19 cases … stop lying to the television, man“

At some point the man filming the professor turns the camera around to reveal his face

Professor Whitty does not respond to the young man’s mockery as he puts on his face mask and waits in front of a snack bar

Tory MP Matt Vickers condemned the footage and urged people to share it online He said it was “appalling” that the chief medical officer was publicly attacked in this manner

“Chris Whitty is doing everything possible to guide us through this crisis and should never face this abuse,” the Stockton South MP said on Twitter

He told BBC Breakfast: “I think it’s ridiculous what he’s doing Chris Whitty is one of our greatest scientists, and his advice to the government has been incredibly wise and thoughtful, and he’s a great asset to this nation.” >

In a statement to the Guardian, Vickers said the chief medical officer was doing his “absolute best” and “working” day in and day out to lead the nation through this unprecedented crisis.

“As the clouds of this pandemic continue to divide, those like Prof Chris Whitty viewed as heroes who rose, did their job, and guided us through the darkest hours, “said Vickers

“As for the young man in the video, the less it is said, the better it is. Maybe he should be made to volunteer at a Covid station. Maybe then he’ll be a pinch of shame and embarrassment for his dangerous ones Feeling conspiracies and his delicate behavior ”

As Chief Medical Officer, Professor Whitty is the chief health advisor to the Westminster government

He has attended numerous press conferences on Downing Street in addition to the Prime Minister, Sir Patrick Vallance, and other health officials

He has also been Professor of Public and International Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Advisor in Acute Medicine and Infectious Diseases at University College London and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they did not believe the incident had been reported to the force

Chris Whitty

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