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CELEBS Go dating fans were in tears after Tom Zanetti talked about his late girlfriend

The 31-year-old DJ’s world was shaken in 2010 at the age of 21 when his three-year-old girlfriend died in a car accident

Lizzie Pickavance was only 20 years old at the time and was just returning from work in Manchester when she lost control of her car on the M62 near Gildersome and the vehicle hit a tree

It opened about the night she died to love counselors Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson on E4 ‘Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion

“She fell asleep at the wheel, she worked at night, I waited for her every night. On the only night I went to sleep, I woke up and she wasn’t there”

Tom got emotional after telling them more, “Damn, I tell this story a lot when people ask, I don’t usually get emotional I think about the pressures in the house and I’m opening up to you”

Celebs Go dating fans admitted the moment they “got emotional” and praised him for his openness

Another added, “Tom Zanetti opening up about his life caught me Strong and Inspirational! #CelebsGoDating”

And a third said, “I planned Tom Zanetti, but man, I just want to hug this guy to hear his wife die poor guy”

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Tom shared how Lizzie was “the one” when he pondered why he hadn’t settled down yet

He stated, “She was the one, that’s what’s difficult, I suppose, if you want to be honest and deep about it

“I met Lizzie when I was 18 and I had three good years with her. It was just perfect And then after she died I just lost my head a bit trying to get through what I had to replace them

“She was the one and it makes you think, ‘I could go back to the same thing,” And then if I realize that this person is not Lizzie, it won’t work “

Tom continued, “When I was 16 and it was going to sound stupid, but I always imagined being married to kids when I was 26 that was my goal in life

“When you’re younger that’s what you think and obviously life doesn’t work that way. So if I had stayed with Lizzie that would have been the plan, but obviously it didn’t work out

“I feel like I got just a little bit out of hand after Liz, in a way, two years and then every girlfriend I wanted to settle down with to get what I had with her.” / p>

“I gave it my all, I was utterly loyal just to see where it would go without false deceptions, and those relationships didn’t work out

“I’m a family man, very family-oriented, I’ve always wanted this kind of life. So I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to reveal too much about myself again”

Tom became the father of son Deaconn when he was only 17 years old He and Lizzie met and fell in love when his little boy, now 14, 18 months old

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