Cat Deeley and husband Patrick Kielty have been happily married since 2012 and are the proud parents of two little boys, Milo, four and four of two-year-old James Now the former SMTV Live star has opened up about the beginnings of her romance and At the beginning of her advertisement, Patrick’s incredibly romantic gesture is revealed

Cat, 44, appeared on the latest episode of Made by Mammas’ podcast, hosted by Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton In doing so, she showed how the love for Patrick, a long-time friend, blossomed

“It was my birthday and he called me, he was at a pub in Ireland and he called me from the pub Remember it was probably around 2am because they were locked in” , she recalled, adding that she then told Patrick that she had a birthday brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel with a few friends at Celebration

“He said, ‘I’ll see you there!’ I said, “There’s no way!” He went home, set his alarm clock for five, got up, went to the airport, flew from Belfast to London, then got on the first plane from London to LA, got in a cab and told the taxi driver on the way from the airport what He was doing and the driver literally said, “Shall I wait for you ?!”

“He walked in, dropped his bags at the concierge, came in and came and sat down for lunch! It knocked my socks off a little!”

Cat also spoke about the couple’s shared desire to have children “I’ve always wanted to have kids, and so did he. What we didn’t want was stress and we just didn’t want to worry. It was like, ok, let’s see how that goes “

Cat, Patrick, 49, and their cubs recently moved to the UK from LA, and Cat admitted, “We always felt we’d be back at some point, as you know the main factor was friends and family because we were never get that time back “

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The star also spoke of speculation they left America because of its gun culture, and the scary moment Patrick and Milo were involved in a shooting incident

“It definitely wasn’t the reason, but it was one of the reasons and possibly a catalyst for it, you know,” she admitted

“But there was definitely a moment when Paddy and Milo got trapped in a […] mall in Westfield Mall and went to Shake Shack for a burger, and it was such an after-school treat and they got involved in a live shooter

“They were all kind of shoved into the bathroom and kitchen and people were screaming and I had to get them and I didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t until I pulled up in my car that I realized how tremendous it was when I saw six helicopters circling and intelligence teams and SWAT squads. It was very, very scary “

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