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Carol, 59, attended the popular BBC1 show tonight and made a sharp comment on the Great British Bake Off judge

Candidate Sean from Glasgow was asked: “Blind baking is a technique that can be used in making which of these baked goods?”

The wheel landed on Gemma Collins, who did her best and told him the answer was a Bakewell cake

Sean agreed and said that when he saw Bake Off he saw candidates use the method

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Gemma then turned to Carol and said, “Carol, he would be one for you, I think you would make a nice couple”

Carol jumped in quickly and said: “No, he’s way too old for me” Although the Wirral baker is actually five years younger than her at 54 years old

Tim Galsworthy said, “Carol Vorderman just said Paul Hollywood was too old for her. She is five years older than him”

Suz said, “Carol Vorderman says Paul Hollywood is too old for her. He is 3 years younger than her !!!”

And @pjkeay said, “Someone want to tell Vorderman Hollywood that he’s about 6 years younger than her?”

Carol Vorderman, Gemma Collins

World News – UK – Carol Vorderman’s wild digging of the wheel in Paul Hollywood