“I noticed it because I think these kinds of everyday moments add up,” said Carey Mulligan of Variety’s review

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Hollywood entertainment magazine Variety has apologized to Carey Mulligan for “insensitive language” in a review that appeared to question whether her looks were right for the role of femme fatale in revenge on sexual predators

In an unusual move, the publication has put an editor’s note at the top of its review of Promising Young Woman, Mulligan’s latest film, for which it has already won awards

After the actress said in an interview that she had read the article – which suggested Margot Robbie might have been better suited for the role – and thought he was sexist

Promising young woman revolves around Mulligan’s character, Cassie, who goes to bars pretending to be drunk and out of control, and then goes home with men who take advantage of her condition – before she “sober” and very quickly teach them a lesson

Variety’s original review, which was actually released in January 2020 after a festival debut and before the film was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, describes it as a “compelling” thriller and black comedy that “sparked much debate” becomes

Towards the end of the play, freelance critic Dennis Harvey writes, “Mulligan, a good actress, seems like an odd choice given the admittedly multi-faceted, seemingly femme fatale – Margot Robbie is a producer here and it’s possible (perhaps too easily) You imagine the role could have been meant for you once

“While Cassie wears her pickup lure gear like a bad drag with that star on, even her long blonde hair appears to be on”

Mulligan, also currently featured on The Dig on Jan. Hitting Netflix on January 1st, responded to the criticism in a December interview with the New York Times, saying it felt like it wasn’t “hot enough to pull off” that kind of trick “

Variety kept the review online, but now precedes this note: “Variety sincerely apologizes to Carey Mulligan and deplores the insensitive language and hint in our review of Promising Young Woman that minimized her daring performance”

In turn, Mulligan raised the apology during a conversation with actress Zendaya for Variety’s Actors On Actors series

“I think it’s important to call out these things because they seem small and insignificant,” she said. “People around me at the time were like, ‘Oh, you know, get over it. Anyway, it’s great – it’s a great review ‘Or whatever,’ People love the movie ‘

“But it stuck with me because I think these everyday moments add up”

“So I was really, really surprised and thrilled and happy to have received an apology. I found it kind of moving to have drawn a line under it in a good way and to know that it had an impact in some way. It was so positive, “she said

The apology has been criticized by some Telegraph film critic Robbie Collin described the editor’s note as “toadying” and setting an “idiotic” precedent

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