Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his route out of lockdown, but as part of the plans, hotels, restaurants and pubs will continue to be closed over Easter weekend

The head of an economic council in the Southwest is calling on the government to add an additional holiday to help hospitality businesses that are still closed under restrictions at Easter

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his route out of lockdown Monday, but vacation rentals, pubs and restaurants won’t be able to open until Jan. April – one week after the Easter weekend – open outdoors

Tim Jones, chairman of the South West Business Council, says there is widespread expectation that the government will come on Nov. March budget support packages will be announced, but the government could help the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors by creating another holiday

“There is potential for further initiatives until we get to the point where we are fully operational again”He said in one case, if we lose Easter, an extra holiday would bring an injection of money to the Southwest”

â ???? This roadmap is no surprise to the business community We expected April and May to be the target dates, “he said,” but it does provide some level of security. The yo-yo effect has been difficult to work with for companies going in and out of the lockdown, and lockdown four would be unthinkableâ ????

He said companies would rather wait for the vaccination program to provide enough protection to open for good than end the lockdown early and face another period of inactivity

“Most recreational, retail, tourism, and hospitality companies say they would prefer security and not go back to lockdown or a tiered system that didn’t work,” he added

While no additional bank holiday is currently planned for 2021, there will be one next year to mark the Queen’s platinum anniversary (70 years on the throne)

It is the first time a British monarch has reached this historic milestone, and the government has announced an additional public holiday to celebrate

The May bank holiday weekend in 2022 will be on Thursday the 2nd June, postponed, and on Friday 3 June, an additional public holiday is introduced to create a four day weekend instead

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May Bank Holiday 2021

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