With two covid jabs currently being used in the UK, many wonder when it will be their turn.An online calculator predicts when you will receive the covid jab

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The first Oxford-AstraZeneca shocks were rolled out on Monday, less than a month after the Pfizer version was approved for use in the UK

Both vaccines must be given in two doses, which should now be given 12 weeks apart so that more people can get their first shot sooner

It is hoped that the Oxford vaccine in particular will result in tens of millions of people being vaccinated and eliminating coronavirus cases by April, which would also help free the UK from permanent lockdown restrictions

With two coronavirus vaccines now available in the UK, people have naturally wondered when to get vaccinated

A new online calculator predicts your likely position in the queue after asking a series of questions

The omni calculator asks your age, whether you live or work in a nursing home, are pregnant, or plan to work for the next three months If you are a frontline health or social worker, the classes are considered extremely at risk or have an underlying health status

Once answered, it is estimated how many people are in line in front of you

The Omni Calculator website explains that this is only a predicted estimate: “We also state how long it may be before you get the vaccine based on the vaccination rate

“By default, these numbers are based on a vaccination rate of 1 million vaccinations per week and a standard intake rate of 706%”

“As more data on the actual vaccination rate is published, we can revise this default value”

The calculator also has an advanced mode with which you can change the vaccination rate and the intake values ​​

Anyone aged 16 to 64 years with underlying health conditions that pose a higher risk of serious illness and mortality

The government says, “It is estimated that these groups together account for around 99% of preventable mortality from COVID-19”

Vaccine Calculator

World News – UK – The calculator predicts your position in the Covid vaccine queue

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