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Hello everyone and welcome to our matchday live blog as Liverpool face Brighton in the Premier League

The away game in the Amex Stadium starts at 12 p.m. This afternoon at 30 p.m., shown on BT Sport

We’ll be providing live updates, team news, lineups, analysis and the best post-game content

Liverpool have a chance to put Spurs and the chase under pressure by getting a result and being at the top of the table

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Liverpool is a bit ubiquitous at the moment I said Connolly would prove to be bothersome

Minamino really didn’t bother with things in the first 25 minutes Needs to be more aggressive for my money Challenge the ball and watch Create Spent a lot of it getting muscled by Brighton

Looks like the Maupay penalty kick might jump out of here He went under and holds his hamstring like it looks There he goes Not his afternoon

Big, big disappointment for Liverpool and Neco Williams when Neil Maupay takes the penalty wide. It was a point kick, there can be few complaints about that but the Reds now have to use this as a wake-up call

Brighton is clearly aiming for this ball in the left back area for Liverpool Again and again a long ball, you clearly have the feeling that you can have some fun with these Alisson has been out of his area a few times and has already cleared up

The line-up suggested this too, but this will clearly be an afternoon for Liverpool. It’s going to be a tough old slog and Brighton looks good after that

No-nonsense defense against Phillips who was clearly advised not to attend the ceremony. Keep things simple

Happy escape for Liverpool after Wijnaldum finished second after a loose ball in midfield and a pass separated the Reds’ central defenders Connolly makes it far, if it’s clean, he really should have done better

We only played six or seven minutes but this was a very good start for the visitors Klopp has spent a lot of time promoting this schedule from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning but they don’t seem to feel the effects here early / p>

Really good start from Fabinho A nice ball over the top got Salah to stop a Brighton counterattack in a few moments before a nice sliding tackle

Wijnaldum was a bit slack with his passports twice early. Liverpool will hope to calm down today

Sharp early interaction from the first three when Firmino slips into Jota His low cross is aimed at Salah at the back post, but Brighton makes it clear. A stronger ball would have given him a tip Good start

Jürgen Klopp has just confirmed to BT Sport that Curtis Jones was put on the bench after speaking to his medical department on Friday. No injury, but the teen can fall dangerously close to the fabled “red zone” that makes players so vulnerable for injuries This is why Takumi Minamino received the nod today A good opportunity for the Japan international to make a claim today

Brighton v Liverpool

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