The chase returned with four new contestants, all of whom were hoping to take home a sizable amount of money when they competed against Jenny’ The Vixen ‘Ryan on another edition of the ITV quiz show A Person to What sparked a big reaction from host Bradley Walsh tonight was player number three, Janty, who won £ 40 in their cash builder despite winning £ 0000 until the Final Chase, which led the host to party in a pretty wild way and let his post roam the studio

Andrew and Pete both had decent cash builders, but Jenny turned out to be too good to fight one another

Next up was Essex-based esthetician Janty, who got off to a slightly difficult start in her rapid-fire round

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She only received two offers from Jenny who said, “There’s nothing in the bank, I can’t make you a low offer with £ 0”

However, since there was only one amount of money available on the table, Janty decided to go for 40000 pounds and reminded Bradley, “You’re only here once!”

The candidate soon managed to answer a few questions that clearly suited her better

And when she secured the cash for the Final Chase, Bradley was stunned – which led to him walking off the set

Bradley left Janty at the quiz table with his hands raised as he desperately made his way to every corner of the studio, looking at the ITV cameras

When he got back to his position, he said to her, “I can’t believe this, that was amazing, Boom, Kapow …

“Nobody ever comes here as a beautician, has his job in his garden and has a horse

“It doesn’t happen what a match!” Jenny remarked, “You needed a series of questions that suited you. What a great achievement”

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Last tonight was Kerri hoping to take part in the Final Chase after the epic head-to-head battle with Janty

Although they 7Having raised £ 000 in her cash builder, she had been incapacitated on her last head-to-head question

This meant that Janty had to face The Vixen alone and fought without the help of her other teammates

The contestant only got six correct answers, so Jenny caught her in just 34 seconds. “Short-lived run at the Final Chase,” commented Bradley after Jenny’s victory

“Janty, you were such a great player it was head to head for one of the ages,” concluded Jenny

Will any of the contestants tomorrow have better luck against The Chaser and manage to take some money home?

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