Chaser Vixen didn’t offer Janty the chance to accept a lower offer after scoring £ 0 in the Cashbuilder – but the contestant went on to £ 40000

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Bradley Walsh struggled to stay cool after being stunned by a candidate on The Chase who broke a record after being denied a lower offer for the first time

Candidate Janty fought in the cash builder round and did not answer any questions correctly. Since neither candidate had reached the final chase before her, Chaser Jenny Ryan could not make her a lower offer

As a Janty, either £ 0 or a higher offer of 40When £ 000 was offered he decided to go all in and try to win big

And to everyone’s astonishment – especially host Bradley – she managed to reach the final chase

“This will go down in Chase history – that was exciting!” Bradley went on, “I wish we could do this all over again”

And viewers were equally shocked when they tweeted, “#thechase I’ve never seen the pursuer unable to make a low offer as there is literally no money in the bank”

While another asked, “Has anyone hit the big offer after getting #TheChase 0 in Cash Builder?”

Unfortunately, Janty’s last teammate didn’t make it to the finals and she was left alone, which didn’t go too well after only six goals

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World News – UK – Bradley Walsh loses it when the Chase nominee turned down the record for lower supply interruptions