The Prime Minister warned of the new variety when it was grilled by members of the Commons Liaison Committee on Wednesday afternoon

The existence of the variant was made public on Monday when officials in Japan announced they had found a variant of coronavirus in people from Brazil that is different from those believed to be from the UK and South Africa

The variant was found in airport tests on a man in their forties, a woman in their thirties, and two teenagers. Japan is working with other nations and the World Health Organization to analyze the new version of the virus

“We already have tough measures to protect this country from new infections from abroad

He said there were still many open questions about the variant, including whether it was resistant to the vaccines

“There are many questions about this variant, for example we don’t know more than we know whether the South African variant is vaccine resistant” ”

Home Affairs Committee Chair Yvette Cooper questioned the prime minister in depth about border measures, saying the nation could have “stronger quarantine and controls, as so many other countries do”

“We were warned about the Brazilian variant three days ago We don’t yet know if this will potentially undermine the vaccination program So why not take immediate precautionary action? ”She asked

Mr Johnson replied, “Well, it is us and we are taking additional measures to make sure people from Brazil are controlled and actually stop people from Brazil” ”

“No, I’m sorry, I said we looked at the question of whether or not the Brazilian variant is immune,” he said

When asked if this means a new travel ban for Brazil, he said: “We are taking steps to ensure we don’t see this new variant imported from Brazil” ”

Ms. Cooper repeatedly expressed what exactly these steps are, to which Mr. Johnson cited the detailed pre-departure negative testing plans

The man from Brazil who tested positive had no symptoms when he arrived in Japan but was hospitalized after his breathing became difficult The woman had a headache while one teenage man had a fever and the other teenage boy , a woman, had no symptoms

according to the Japanese Ministry of Health

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