The ex-Labor leader supported Keir Starmer’s policies despite criticism from Tory Liz Truss – who suggested that doing so would be more likely to harm vulnerable people to die

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Tony Blair has endorsed Labour’s controversial teaching policy, saying there is a “very strong case” to support the reopening of schools

Former Labor Prime Minister said prioritizing school staff for vaccination is a “sensible” move to get children back into class

He insisted that as a result, those under 70s would not suffer long delays – as some government ministers have claimed

Labor wants school staff to get the stab at mid-February to increase safety when students are aged 8 and over March return

Keir Starmer said the move, which would be after the over 70 age group but early in the 50 to 70 age group, is critical to avoiding employees getting sick or falling isolate

However, critics say it would be unfair for younger key workers to get their vaccines before those in their fifties or sixties

Mr Blair told Sky News, “To vaccinate all teachers, you can do this in a very short time

“I know you’d delay it a bit, but you could probably get this done in a few days”

When asked if he was prepared for his own thrust to be delayed to protect the teachers, the 67-year-old said, “Well, I suggest I push back

“I think this is a reasonable thing to do under the circumstances if it helps you get the schools back early”

He stressed that regular testing of students and staff is another important step to ensure schools can return safely

The deputy head physician has said that teachers are not “significantly” more likely than other people to develop coronavirus or die from it

Prof Jonathan Van-Tam said while teachers get sick and die from Covid, it is unclear where they mostly pick up the infection

But schools are vectors for transmission with children and staff that transmit the virus back into the community

In phase 2, the NHS will offer the sting to people aged 50 to 69 and to people who are at risk for health reasons

Healthy teachers, police officers and others under 50 would not get their first doses until April

But JCVI Professor Anthony Harnden said if vaccines protect against the spread of the disease, “it could be a whole new board game when it comes to vaccination”

The four UK Child Commissioners have written to the JCVI asking that teachers have priority

Labor has argued that teachers are at higher risk of catching Covid because they work on the front lines

Vice-Chair Angela Rayner said, “We know that some people are more exposed to the virus because of their jobs”

But Cabinet Secretary Liz Truss said, “The problem is that for every person you vaccinate who is not in the most vulnerable group, someone is in the most vulnerable group who is not getting their vaccine and who is at greater risk Probability doesnt die in the next few weeks and months

Tony Blair

World News – UK – Blair supports vaccines for teachers over 50 years ago as it would be done in two days