TV presenter Beverley Turner was blocked by Piers Morgan on Twitter after saying she refused to attend a special one-off clap for the late Captain Sir Tom Moore

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Beverley Turner shot back after Piers Morgan beat her up for refusing to clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore

The war veteran, who raised millions for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, tragically died this week at the age of 100 after contracting Covid-19

Much like the weekly gossip for the NHS during the initial lockdown, one was organized this week for Captain Tom for the nation to pay their respects

But when TV presenter Beverley said she would not be attending, Good Morning Britain host Piers marked her as “pathetic”, who blocked her on Twitter

When she had the floor, she wrote for MailOnline: “Personally, I find it impossible to see the events of Sir Tom Moore’s last days without the Covid-19 prism, the government’s response to it, and the various ways to see how it works Our country has been manipulated and controlled with no clear standards for escape from lockdowns

“I’m amazed that the really vulnerable (for example in nursing homes) are still not protected from Covid-19

“I cannot imagine how bad metabolic health (obesity is the greatest comorbidity with poor Covid result after age) has been actively promoted by” eating out to help “and the closure of sports facilities

“And I am deeply saddened that this wonderful country suddenly seems to be plagued by sugar curtains, jobs and fiddlers trying desperately to numb the neighbors or simply shake their head in front of an empty doorstep on a certain gossip day ‘ “

Beverley said that “every death is sad for someone,” but said that Covid-19 remains “relatively harmless” for the “vast majority” of people

She claimed the lockdowns led people to believe it was an “immediate death sentence for otherwise healthy people.”

Piers found herself in a spit after Beverley said she refused to go to the Clap for Tom

She tweeted: “#SirTomMoore and his family have done an amazing job raising £ for the NHS

“It’s great that he’s 100 years old! It’s great that he has one last great vacation

“But I’m not clapping in the keep up the fear that impending death is all over & We are all together

“I don’t think he liked the fact that, after many of your reactions, I was not entirely wrong


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