His weight climbed to 65 stone once when he was reputedly “Britain’s fattest man”, but blues fan Barry Austin smiled until the end of the street

Barry Austin – the man who was Birmingham City’s biggest fan – was honored

After being dubbed “Britain’s thickest man” with 65 stones, he announced last May that he had not been out of his house for six years

But he always had a smile and believed in the words of the famous Birmingham City song: “Stay to the end of the street” – a message he sent to his favorite radio personality during the lockdown

Broadcaster and blues fan Tom Ross said: “Barry’s weight was a problem for some people but never for him

“Barry was always happy in himself and he definitely had legendary status as a blues fan who loved Birmingham City – and Birmingham – with passion

“When I was doing the phone-ins at BRMB, he called us and that’s how I spoke to him for the first time

“The club had a seat especially for Barry to support his weight, and every blues fan knew him, including those who had never met him, if you know what I mean”

Tom, who now works for TalkSport, said, “When you first met him, he was a really nice, smart young man who was just having this weight problem for some reason

“When he told us he was having trouble sleeping, BRMB had a bed made especially for him”

Tom was wondering how Barry was doing in lockdown May last year a message

Barry wrote back: “Hi Tom have a couple of leg problems and haven’t left the house in six years due to mobility problems, but I still have a big smile and KRO (Keep Right On) through the course of the song until the end of the Street) How are you when you hope all the best and life treats you well, stay strong and positive “

In a heartfelt note on Facebook, Barry’s daughter Dannie said, “Absolutely heartbroken is the only word I can say about how I feel now when I rest in paradise for the great man of my life, my father.” p>

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but can honestly say that I have never loved you any other way, one way or another it will be difficult to deal with you when you are no longer around To see my mother the way it is terrible, the whole family just collapsed

“Telling your friends was heartbreaking and the worst is yet to come because I don’t have to tell your grandchildren anytime soon or later, and I don’t think I can make it”

Barry Austin was interviewed many times and always tried to be honest about what position he was in

We even photographed him training with players from Birmingham City – an opportunity that many “normal” fans might have wanted to have

In 2012, Barry told us, “I’ve let a lot of people down over the years. I’ve really messed people up because they said I would change but never do anything about it, and I know that I hurt a lot of people

â ???? But at the end of the day, the only person I’ve really hurt is myself “

Barry said, “Death is always on my mind, it is always on the back of my mind and haunts me”

â ???? My mortality is right in front of me every day. Carrying this amount of weight is like carrying a ticking time bombâ ????

Following the posting of news of Barry’s death, Birmingham City’s Facebook page was flooded with over 500 comments

They all remember one happy guy and many offered snippets of information about the kind of person he was and the life he led, from school to playing darts to driving a loud car

Russ Kirby: “It’s sad to hear that I haven’t seen or heard him in a while. One of the many characters we saw in the blues back then, May you rest in peace, Barry, once a blue, always a blue “

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Brian King: “I’ve seen him many times in the blues, didn’t know him, but obviously a very passionate blues fan”

Julia Bere: “I remember the special seat that BCFC made for him a long time ago in the old paddock area”

Margaret Annis: “Such a shame he’s struggling with weight loss RIP Sunshine”

Annette Davis: “Arh, I just have to love him. He has to dance with me &, my friends at Gary Owen The good old days RIP Baz”

Julie Bellamy: “RIP Barry, fond memories of all the times we played darts against each other, such a lovely gentleman x”

Jules Herbert: “We only talked about him 2 days ago. I was in the same year and in the same class as Barry, such a lovely guy REST IN PEACE Big hugs and lots of love to all his family and friends xxx”

Patrick Jordan: “Lots of laughs in our childhood around the Merrymaker bar. Great guy always had a smile on his face !!”

Jason Spellman: “RIP Barry took a lot of sticks from rival Midland fans, but a nice boy just loved his & soccer”

Keith Scott: “RiP Baz – legend – sat near him for season he had a metal bench and they opened the gates to let him in “

Michelle Round: “RichP Barry I remember driving by in that noisy car the whole time he was living behind me “

John Plunkett: “Great person with a smile on their face, always a real blue nose”

Barry Austin

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