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KATIE Price has announced that she spent £ 80 on scratch cards only to win back £ 20

The mother of five was declared bankrupt in November 2019, but shared a new video on her YouTube channel with eldest son Harvey, revealing the couple hoping to win the jackpot

When asked Harvey what he would buy if he won “a million pounds,” the teenager said, “A big chocolate cake”

The 13-minute video then showed the couple scraping the cards off Katie showed Harvey how to play the games – and Harvey later turned the tables and told her to “be careful” “

But they only had a few winning cards totaling £ 2 and £ 5 and “probably total of about £ 20 out of £ 80”

Mom and son gave the scratch cards a thumbs down, but gave each other a high five at the end of the video

Katie will share details of her life raising the disabled teenager in the new BBC One documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me

Katie made a conscious choice to avoid the worst behaviors from Harvey suffering from ADHD, autism, genetic condition, Prader-Willi syndrome, and septooptic dysplasia that causes blindness

The show is airing on BBC One tonight and it is looking for specialized residential colleges that can cope with Harvey of 29 bricks, now he is 18 years old

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Katie, 42, stated, “I already told them to follow up on him in college and how he is preparing for the next step, so I told them there must be a follow-up give up

“I think they want to do it, and I’ve said we want a follow-up – as he learns his progress, you only get the small steps now, but it’s going to be a dramatic change and we are like two peas in a pod, so it’s dramatic

In a disturbing scene broadcast tonight, Harvey bumps his head and kicks the door while touring one of the centers, but his mother insists the show only gives a glimpse into the challenge of his behavior

Katie is also the mother of teenagers Junior and Princess, whom she greeted with ex-husband Peter Andre, and Jett and Bunny, whose father is Kieran Hayler

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