However, no further action was taken due to her life sentence for the murder of the vulnerable Hartlepool woman

One of the teenagers who murdered Angela Wrightson was accused of assaulting staff members while in custody

Referred to as D, the killer was reportedly involved in “a large number of incidents” after being convicted of the heinous murder of the vulnerable Hartlepool woman

The details were revealed in a High Court ruling granting the killers lifelong anonymity

The two were 13 and 14 when they murdered 39-year-old Ms. Wrightson in 2014 while posing for Snapchat selfies

In the horrific crime, which spanned over five hours, the victim was beaten with a shovel, television, coffee table, and a stick studded with screws

Thursday’s ruling included reports from staff working with the girls explaining how the teenagers – referred to as D and F – were taken to a safe training center after they were sentenced to life in 2016

In a first report from 2019, forensic psychologist Dr Louise Bowers: “D’s behavior was bad in custody and she was involved in a large number of incidents

“In late December 2018, D was charged with violent crimes against employees in their secure training center

“She was outright released by the court for serving a life sentence”

According to the court, F was transferred to an adult women’s prison in April 2018 and D in March 2019

D’s identity was known in the secure training center. But since she was transferred to an adult prison, she has said, “It just doesn’t come up”

In a statement in October 2020, she said: “I don’t want to lie to people when they ask me what I’m getting myself into

“But I also don’t want people to know. Nobody already knows me and most people don’t ask and it’s easy not to go into details “

The psychological evidence also described how D became “unsettled” because he believed she would be transferred to an adult prison near her old home due to restricted status

Prisoners whose escape would pose a significant risk to the general public and who must be held in a designated secure accommodation have the status “Restricted”

D had told staff that she had worked out a plan to kill herself in case she was taken to prison

But she was not sent to that prison or given restricted status, and a report said she made a “reasonably effective” transition to adult prison

According to the psychological reports submitted to the High Court, F had a long history of mental health problems and had previously attempted to commit suicide

In March 2019, a roommate called F from a window of abuse, indicating that she knew about her crime

She concluded, “[F] is clearly maturing and there is evidence to suggest it is becoming more stable and resilient in terms of emotional wellbeing”

Her perpetrator overseer was also asked if this would aid F’s rehabilitation if her identity was kept a secret

In an October response, she said: “She has made slow, incremental strides toward commitment to professionals and services, and has not harmed herself with her guaranteed anonymity

“If this guarantee has been removed, your previous progress is threatened and your future progress is jeopardized”

The Press Association has argued that granting the murderers lifelong anonymity would provide near-automatic anonymity to anyone convicted of such horrific crimes because of the public reaction they attract

It was also pointed out that the principle of open justice means that individuals convicted of crimes in public session must be publicly identified

In the verdict released on Thursday, Ms. Justice Tipples issued permanent orders to the killers to prevent them from being identified in connection with the murder

The judge said, “I am fairly pleased that this is a case where there is real and immediate risk of serious physical harm or death to F herself if her anonymity is not preserved”

This is an “exceptional case” where “it is necessary to give F the requested restraining order to prevent her from being identified in connection with the Angela Wrightson murder,” she said

The judge said D was also entitled to an injunction prohibiting her identification as one of the murderers, noting that expert psychological evidence had shown that disclosing her identity would “greatly increase the risk of self-harm”

Angela Wrightson

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