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Security led a protester off the field after interrupting the one-day international cricket match between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (Photo | AP)

SYDNEY: The first ODI between Australia and India on Friday was briefly interrupted when a group of protesters marched onto the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) pitch with placards reading “No $ 1B Adani Loan”

Two people entered the central field circle and held up cardboard signs before the beginning of the seventh square

It took a while for the security forces to react and escort the protesters from the field as players and referees stood around wondering what was going on The invaders were protesters against the Adani Group and held the “NO $ 1B ADANI LOAN” sign

The front of the protesters t-shirt read “#StopAdani” and the back read “Stop Coal” #StopAdani Take action “

According to Fox Sports, a group called Stop Adani issued a press release on Friday calling on the State Bank of India (SBI) not to approve a $ 1 billion Australian dollar loan to Adani

“Well, that was possibly the weirdest pitch invasion I’ve ever seen,” tweeted cricket journalist Melinda Farrell

A Twitter handle with the name Galilee Blockade tweeted: “BREAKING !! These two #StopAdani-MASTERS have just stumbled upon the SCG and one day disrupted the first international cricket match #AUSvsIND! They are calling on SBI to do the Lending Rule Out $ 1 Billion in Public Funds to Fuel Adani’s Climate Harmful Coal Mine LOVE their style! “

In September, Australia’s controversial Adani coal mine saw a win over environmental activists, announcing that the project was more than 1Had created 500 jobs in the state of Queensland

The Stop Adani Movement became a household name both in Australia and abroad as the design and construction of the mine took place against a backdrop of mounting concerns about climate change

It should be noted that for the first time since March – when international cricket stalled due to Covid-19 – fans were allowed to enter the men’s cricket stadium

SCG, the location of the first two ODIs in the current series, has a capacity of 50 percent, while the Manuka Oval in Canberra, the location of the third game, has a capacity of 65 percent

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Australia versus India

World News – GB – Australia versus India: Protesters storm the Sydney cricket ground with the signs “No $ 1B Adani Loan”