Manchester City meet former assistant Mikel Arteta to extend their lead at the top of the Premier League

Manchester City can expand their winning run to 18 games and win against the Arsenal team of former assistant Mikel Arteta

City are confident and are ten points ahead of Leicester and Manchester United at the top of the Premier League.Both rivals play as well as City, who won their game this week to take full control of the title race after Liverpool again yesterday lost, they will be 19 points ahead of the defending champions with a win for City in the Emirates

Pep Guardiola could call Kevin De Bruyne, who returned from the bench at Everton this week after seven games, while Sergio Aguero could potentially be in line for an appearance after the last two game days, but Ilkay Gundogan missed the Everton win but is likely to be back compete although Nathan Ake is expected to be absent despite returning to individual training

The Blues have a good record at the Emirates Stadium and won there at the beginning of their current winning run in December However, you will be wary of the gradual improvement in Sagittarius under the familiar face Arteta

Raheem Sterling hit, and he also worked all the way back to keep City in the back

The key to this team’s success was that every player on both ends of the field worked as hard as possible While he’s doing his job, Arsenal can’t get close to Ederson, for whom it’s been a very quiet start

Bukayo Saka shoots in on a rare advance for Arsenal, but an offside from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stands in the way

Two chances in the first two minutes and one chance – it truly is unforgivable that Raheem Sterling should have a header in your six-yard box

City is already boss, but they took the lead early in the December game and then let the home team back into the game Let’s see if they have learned from it

Riad Mahrez is very happy. Here he comes in, spins, spins and the shot is deflected far

Kevin De Bruyne is spooning from the corner from a distance We will fire him this time

Kevin De Bruyne sends Raheem Sterling through with a precise ball, and the goalscorer can’t get a second because Arsenal have defenders around

A more clinical player might already have had a hat trick from the positions Sterling got into

Moments after Raheem Sterling failed an attempt, he heads a cross from Riyad Mahrez from six meters home unchallenged

City took an interest in him before moving to Madrid, but reports that they wanted him to replace David Silva were far away Phil Foden has already been entrusted with the takeover, and Gundogan has also signed a new contract

Leicester’s win at Aston Villa means the gap between the Foxes in second and City in first place is back to seven points

In the Emirates, however, it can be 10 points, which would put United under pressure to take the lead again with Leicester in the late kick-off

City have already beaten Arsenal this weekend – the U-23 players clinched a 2-0 away win on Friday evening thanks to a brace from Liam Delap

Enzo Maresca’s team has been strong throughout the season and is three points ahead of the top of their league As the women are also on the rise in their title race, there could be trophies across the club at the end of the season

No Sergio Aguero back in warmup for City This has recently been viewed as some kind of conspiracy, but it almost certainly just reflects that he’s not 100 percent fit yet

It’s difficult when you play with no real nine and your freedom and how accurate you are on the ball and without the ball. It’s going to be really difficult let’s see

“This is the stadium we have visited the most every year in Barca, Bayern and here I think Arsenal with Mikel keep their identity ahead of Arsene Wenger, appreciate the ball and try to play a leading role in every game they have ups and downs Downs like all teams Now that Europe has started, results will be tough for all teams

“I’ve done many times this year You can’t play all competitions with just 11, 12, 13 players It is impossible We fight, everything is weird That’s why everyone is there as much as possible “

“It’s important but Phil is playing an extraordinary final game, today he’s getting a little rest you have to play all the last three games Aymer played, John didn’t have the last, try to compete all of them have “

Maybe we will try to play well no matter what position. Everyone knows what to do in the position where they have to play offensively and defensively. If we move the ball quickly, everyone in the position will find the space to Attack

“If there is one person who knows better than anyone, it is Mikel. He knows our thoughts and the individual quality of our players. When we talk about tactics, it’s players. He knows us all”

The city says Nathan Ake is absent because he is “not fully fit” and that he is staying in Manchester to “continue his recovery period” ‘

It would have been a surprise to have him included even though he returned to one-on-one training this week

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang writes in his program notes that the Gunners are still affected by their last performance in the Emirates against City when they were so sad after a 3-0 defeat that Arsenal bosses followed up the same night Manchester have flown convince Mikel Arteta to take over as manager

Arteta took an FA Cup win against the Blues in July, but a lot has changed for both clubs since then

“We are going the same way as now When we’re on top, it’s a bit easier to stay focused and focus on what we need to do. We’re strong enough to get the job done today

“[Arteta] has been with us for a long time and works day after day They will surely try to do something new to get a good result against us We are ready for that and I hope we don’t give them space or opportunity to create chances of getting hurt If we start the game really well, we will be from the first minute to the 90th start full throttle to win the game “

There’s a lot to talk about of this team news, but perhaps the most important is the return of stones and slides on the back

The two were City’s top pick, and the defense has looked a little less secure without either of them in the last three games

There are some whispers on social media that Riyad Mahrez, who turns 30 today, could start

The Italian delivered the city’s first trophy in a generation with the 2011 FA Cup and followed him with the incredible triumph of the Premier League in 2012

It also brought higher quality players to City, some of which became real club legends and fan favorites

This is the story of when Roberto Mancini signed his two sons for Man City – one “tamed” Balotelli and the other refused to play for the reserves

After Thomas Partey later pointed out his surprising participation, there was also a hint from the City squad

Fernandinho tends to only post a pre-game motivational message if he’s involved – and there wasn’t anything from Pep Guardiola yesterday to suggest he wouldn’t be

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