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STEPHEN Bear owed thousands over his failed clothing company with ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby, as The Sun may reveal

It comes when police officers came across Bear over allegations that he posted a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison

He was arrested after she claimed he used surveillance cameras at his Essex home to film them having sex in December and showed him to friends – a claim he denied

But we can show that he is currently also at odds with his other ex-Charlotte, who went to war with him in a secret court case last summer

The former couple, who dated for a year in 2017, founded the clothing company His and Hers Enterprise Ltd four years ago, which ended with sharpness

Crosby petitioned the High Court of Justice Business and Property Courts to dissolve the company, claiming that her solo company, CLC Enterprises, was a believer

The final accounts filed with Companies House indicated that there was an outstanding advance payment from the director of 1£ 268 to Bear and creditors 30366 GBP was owed

According to the court order, Bear failed to appear for the trial and bankruptcy and company judge Mullen spoke on behalf of the petitioner Crosby, with court costs being paid out of the assets of His and Hers Enterprise Ltd

Prior to the 2018 ruling, Bear claimed in a sprawling Instagram post that he was going to take his former flame to court because she owed him money

The 31-year-old clutched an inflatable “lawyer” in a suit who said he was representing himself and scolded, “You did it – I’ll take you to court and I’ll represent myself

“I got all the news from last year from everyone so lucky with everything

“If you lose I don’t even want an apology, I just want to be left alone and go ahead with my business”

His company with Crosby is not the first business failure Bear founded Celebrity Clash Ltd, ironically, for “video production activities” which were disbanded last year

After a year in 2019, he also dissolved Mark Griggs Avenue Events Ltd, a bars and pub company

Bear recently denied allegations that he made a sex tape of Love Island star Harrison and then shared it on WhatsApp

Essex Police have confirmed to The Sun that he has been arrested on suspicion of disclosing private sexual photos or films without consent, with the intent of distressing, harassing and obstructing a police officer

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