Today seems like a big day for gamers as alleged break-ins from major retailers occur

Strong rumors of stock trackers on Twitter suggest stocks of Curry’s, GAME, and Argos are up for auction today, which means a great day for gamers

In the meantime, Argos seems to have fallen off early this morning around 1am – similar to before

One person said, “PS5 stocks are falling in the middle of the night it almost seems like it was meant for the bots because if you wanted normal people to get them, you might have dropped it when they did , I don’t know, were awake! “

Another wrote: “So frustrated right now, every time Argos top up the PS5 I miss them because they do it at stupid am when I’m dead to the world after a 10 hour shift “

In the meantime, we have a live blog for you to keep an eye on PS5 stocks which you can keep an eye on here

In other news, the government has finally responded to a petition urging MPs to do more against scalping

A petition was created by Richard Glover after the next generation consoles were released after it became notoriously difficult to get hold of a PS5 and Xbox Series X

The government responded to the petition, stressing that it is “illegal to buy tickets using automated software” and “to discuss other markets with relevant trade associations” “

The Ministry of Corporate, Energy and Industrial Strategy said it was discussing the issue of “bulk buying of high-demand items like graphics cards and game consoles via automated bots with trade associations like Ukie”

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World News – UK – Argos drops PS5 stock this morning – but still hopes for gamers