Posted: Monday, 15 February 2021 at 1:35 p.m.

Anne Robinson has been announced as the new host of Channel 4’s long-running game show Countdown, who is attending Steph’s box lunch with Steph McGovern this afternoon to discuss her appointment

When asked about her signature bitter style honed on The Weakest Link, Anne said she “practiced” being nice to the family who lived with her during the lockdown

When Steph asked what the fans could look forward to with her at the helm, Anne said: “Just keep looking – and please can we have some female candidates!”

She announced that she would start filming her first series towards the end of spring, with plans to be on screens in the summer

In a statement, the former Weakest Link star said, “I’m overjoyed to join Countdown The show is almost as old as me and just as historic. I’m particularly excited to be working with the other two formidable women on the show, worrisome are Susie [Dent ] and Rachel [Riley] not only very smart, but also younger, prettier and thinner than me. Unfortunately there is no time for another facelift, so I have to make do with this old one

“I’m a crossword puzzle nut so I can understand the puzzles of the countdown”But adding and subtracting – I can’t go much further than calculating the fee once my agent has made his cut”

In December, Nick Hewer confirmed he was leaving Countdown after 10 years as a host, saying, “This final ban has given me an opportunity to reflect on my future life and I have decided it is a good time to withdraw at the end of my contract in the new year

“As someone in his 77th At the age of ten, which will host the great UK institution Countdown when it is ten, I think it is time to smell the flowers and get a dog, “he continued

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The host described controlling Countdown as a “privilege and pleasure” and assured fans that he would be on screens “well into 2021” as he made his final series

Countdown was the first program ever to air on Channel 4 when the channel debuted in 1982 Richard Whiteley presented and Carol Vorderman took over the letters and numbers

The countdown is at 14Broadcast on channel 4 at 10 a.m. If you’d like to see more, read our TV guide

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Anne Robinson

World News – UK – Anne Robinson replaces Nick Hewer as Countdown’s new host