Amazon Fresh: How does the London grocery store work without a till – and are more locations opening in the UK?

What is a free port? That means in Great Britain how the free trade zones work – and the eight new locations in England

With the till-less shop in West London called Amazon Fresh, customers can scan a smartphone app when entering

Visitors shop as usual and, thanks to the technology of the US company, are automatically billed when they leave

So what exactly is Amazon Fresh, how is the new store working – and are more stores opening in the UK?

The company stocks hundreds of private label goods from UK suppliers as well as third-party brands from Morrisons and Booths – supermarkets with which Amazon already has relationships

When visitors buy their groceries, they scan a smartphone app when they enter the store

Then all they have to do is put a product in a bag or take it out at the store so that it will be automatically billed when they leave

No need to scan items unlike other retailers who rely on products to be scanned into a smartphone or shopping device

The shop also serves as a place to collect and return Amazon products purchased online

Customers can simply return goods by scanning a code without having to repackage or label the item

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, says its new store is giving visitors a “smoother” experience

“When you’re done, you’re free to go,” stated Matt Birch, director of Amazon Fresh Stores and former general manager of Sainsbury

Buyers are not required to verify that all of their items are considered upon leaving Amazon Fresh

The system was developed in the company’s Amazon Go stores in the US, which are similar to Amazon Fresh and opened to shoppers in 2018

With recent advances in technology, the system can now cope with customers choosing different types of the same product

However, it is not a face recognition Instead, buyers must identify themselves by scanning a barcode that appears in their account in the Amazon Shopping app

Amazon has announced that it will only link in-store information to a customer’s individual account for up to 30 days

Mr Birch said he plans to open more Amazon Fresh stores on some of the main streets in London as well as in the city center

The workshop of the Ealing store extends over an area of ​​around 2500 square meters and is therefore much smaller than a typical supermarket

Recently there have been rumors that the US company might try to expand by buying one of the larger chains in the industry

However, the company is offering to sell its Just Walk Out technology as a service that could be installed in other companies’ grocery stores

Amazon Fresh

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